NOTICE:  As you may have noticed, 1 December (and 1 February) has now come and gone, and username / password option is still available on AKO.

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  The implementation date has been pushed back to "Until further notice. "  So, this will give you some more time to get your computer configured correctly. The requirement for AKO to go 100% CAC is NOT their choice.   They are being mandated by the CIO-G6 (Chief Information Officer - G6) office based on this Ako army webmail -   Which is based off of JTF-CNO AKO Access AKO (Army Knowledge Online) ... (CAC required), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Implementation (specifically Task 10). If you have a new CAC [back shows: "Gemalto TOP DL GX4 144" or "Oberthur ID One 128 v5.

5 Dual" at the top above the magnetic strip] and are having problems accessing AKO Webmail2, Army Knowledge Online (ActivClient 6. 1 users use this Defense Business Systems Acquisition Executive (DBSAE) Programs) Are you having problems accessing AKO now that Microsoft has pushed out Internet Explorer 9 as a critical update, and the ideas above did not help?   If so, read how to NCSU Army ROTC.   I am the content provider for AKO's Defense Business Systems Acquisition Executive (DBSAE) Programs and answer emails for AKO.   Click link: Ako army webmail - to send email.

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      Some of the below questions are asked often. The process of registering your CAC with AKO was removed on 1 May 2011.
      This also means dual CAC holders can use either issued CAC.   Army Knowledge Online. Question 1:  Why can't I log into AKO with my CAC?
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    Answer 1: Follow the guidance in this Army Knowledge Online (AKO). Question 2:  When I logon to AKO with my CAC, I see my AKO (army email) help! (or more certificates than just my own) to choose from.
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      How do I clear the old Certificates? Answer 2:  Open Internet Explorer, Select Tools, Internet Options, Content (tab), Certificates (button).
      Select all of the Certificates you don't want, and select the Remove button.   You may have to remove them individually. Question 3:  When attempting to login to AKO, the browser closes (NCSU Army ROTC), receive "500 - Internal Server Error" message, returns you to the home screen, or just doesn't seem to work.
    Here's How:  Go to Tools, Internet Options, Security (tab), Click on trusted sites (green checkmark), Click Sites button, click on:  https://akocac.
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    us. army. mil in the white box then click remove, close this window, click OK.
      Delete your temporary internet files in your browser.   NOTE: Make sure AKO is NOT the page that is currently open when you do this.
      This means, navigate to any other website (i. e. Google), THEN perform these steps. Answer 3.

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    1:  Go to Tools, Internet Options, Advanced tab, scroll down to the bottom and make sure that ONLY SSL 3.
    0 & TLS 1. 0 is checked, any other SSLs and TLS' need to be unchecked.
    Answer 3. 2:  Close your Yahoo / AVG tool bar, close browser, reopen browser.
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      Here's how:  Go to:  Tools, Toolbars, uncheck Yahoo / AVG toolbar.
       Close browser then reopen it.   Now try logging into AKO with your CAC again. Answer 3. 3:  Verify you are using Internet Explorer when attempting to register your CAC.
      If you are using Firefox, please look at the AKo - U.S. Army for the needed DoD configuration file and installation assistance.