Webkinz World has many special activities to do during the Christmas and Winter season. From deals and specials at the Ganz eStore, W Shop, and Kinzstyle Shop to special games and activities to find gifts and goodies there are plenty of fun things to do.

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This page outlines the many activities that occur during the Christmas and Winter season. Each year on December 25th, players logging on to Webkinz World receive a special holiday gift. These gifts typically include an article of Clothing, an Object, and a holiday Food. Ganz sends every account in Webkinz World a special Christmas Card by KinzPost. These messages all arrive on Christmas Day. On most holidays in Webkinz world, players get a chance to spin the Welcome to Webkinz™ - a Ganz website to win some great prizes. Christmas Day is usually one of the few chances in a year to spin the Super Wheel.

The super wheel has some great prizes that are not normally seen on other prize wheels. In late November or early December each year, seasonal Christmas items appear in the wShop. Like most themes in Webkinz World, these items are typically added to the wShop in two "batches", two weeks apart. In early January, the Christmas theme is removed from the wShop. From year to year the items in the Christmas theme change.

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    Some items return from previous years, and some items are brand new.
    There's no way of knowing if/when an item from a previous year may return. The Webkinz Cheats - Webkinz Cheat Codes often has some great deals and also some special items during the Christmas Season.
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    In 2008 the Ganz eStore introduced two seasonal items: the Exquisite Holiday Christmas Tree and the Snowmobile. The Exquisite Holiday Christmas Tree returned in 2009.
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    In 2009 Ganz introduced a Snowman Costume, a Poinsettia Trellis, and a Build-a-Snow Fort set.
    In 2010 Ganz introduced a Hansel Outfit, a Gretel Outfit, Tis the Season Window, Happy Holidays Sign, Polarberry Shrub, Santakinz Parade Float, and High Class Christmas Tree.
    In 2007, Ganz released the Webkinz Reindeer. In 2008, the Reindeer returned, and Ganz released the Webkinz Snowman. In 2009, the Reindeer and Snowman both returned, and Ganz added the Webkinz Peppermint Puppy.
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    In 2010, Ganz introduced the Webkinz Minty Moose. The Reindeer returned, but only as a set with a matching Reindeer KinzKlip.
    In 2011, Ganz introduced the Webkinz Winter Fawn. The Reindeer returned. In 2008, Ganz sold the Minty Reindeer at the Ganz eStore as a seasonal, virtual-only pet.
    In 2009, the Minty Reindeer returned and Ganz added the Mistletoe Mouse. In 2011, the Pointsetta Lion was sold at the Ganz eStore.

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    The Wintermint Reindeer is a rare Webkinz. Adoption codes were given to Ganz employees as Christmas gifts in 2008.
    Some of the adoption code cards were sold on online auction sites. The Sweet Tooth Tiger is a rare Webkinz.
    Adoption codes were given to Ganz employees as Christmas gifts in 2009.
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    Some of the adoption code cards were sold on auction sites.
    Unlike with the Wintermint Reindeer, Ganz made some Sweet Tooth Tiger adoption codes available to Webkinz World players.
    Adoption codes were given out to two players who follow the Webkinz Webkinz Adoption Code Offer - YouTube Feed. Twenty-five adoption codes were given out to players who logged on to Webkinz world on Christmas Day, 2009.