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viper roller coaster


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* Latest news updates and information about new rides and attractions delivered straight to your inbox! Sorry, you must have Flash installed to view the attraction galleries. **Sea Viper is currently closed for extended maintenace Hang on to the edge of your seat in the Sea Viper coaster – with exciting low profile carriages, you’ll experience thrills on the triple loop-the-loop track like never before. Survive Sea Viper at Sea World this summer! Minimum height requirement is 130cm and maximum height restriction is 200cm. Safety restrictions prohibit guests with certain medical conditions from entering.

Please check signage at the entrance to the queue area. Please note that persons who cannot be held tight and safely by the existing harness (eg: because of a condition, height or shape)may be unable to ride. Sea Viper does not operate in some weather conditions. Please contact Guest Services for further information. © MyFun 2010. All rights reserved Here are some things you might be interested in! Members, K'NEX Amusement Park - Vertical Viper Roller Coaster - FAO ....

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