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17 2 Dr. Hatchback Coupe, 6-passenger 19 4 Dr. Sedan, 6-passenger 27 2 Dr. Coupe or Notchback Coupe, 4 or 6-passenger 35 4 Dr. Station Wagon 37 2 Dr. Sport Coupe, 6-passenger 47 2 Dr. Coupe, 6-passenger 69 4 Dr. Sedan, 6-passenger 80 El Camino 87 2 Dr. Sport Coupe, 4-passenger Camaro A=231   (110HP) D=250   (1972=110HP)(1973-74=100HP)(1975-78=105HP)(1979-80=115HP) F=307   (1972=130HP)(1973=115HP) G=305   (130HP) H=350   (1972=165HP)(1973-1975=145HP) H=305   (1980)(155HP OR 165HP) J=350   (?

HP) J=267   (1980=120HP) K=350   (1972=200HP)(1973=175HP)(1974=185HP) K=229   (1980)(115HP) L=350   (1972=255HP)(1974=160HP)(1975=155HP)(1976=165HP)(1977=170HP) L=350   (1978=175HP OR 185HP)(1979=170HP OR 175HP)(1980=190HP) Q=305   (140HP) T=350   (? HP) U=305   (145HP) U=396   (240HP) W=454  (270 HP) "LS5" 1 = Oshawa,ON.

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