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g. taco, cheap dinner, Max's) TERRIFIC option for those traveling between South Beloit IL and Chicago, IL (Downtown Union Station). Very frequent schedule, you can check your bags Pay with cash if you don't buy your ticket on the Internet. No reserved seats. Bus drivers are attentive to the job, which is what you want. This is not a tour bus service. Usually on schedule. The only game in town if you need to get to South Beloit IL (and Beloit College in Beloit WI) and you don't drive (I don't). Reasonable prices. Also provides service between O'Hare and South Beloit and/or Rockford as well as additional places in Wisconsin (Janesville, Madison).

Reasonable pricing I am, on a somewhat regular basis, required to take the Van Galder bus between Rockford and O'Hare in either direction. The good- * It's usually pretty much on schedule * It gets you from point A to point B * Reasonable price The bad- * Seats are uncomfortable in a way that's hard to explain without experiencing them personally * Drivers tend to range anywhere from indifferent to rude * The televisions on the buses are never actually on * Limited scheduling has ruined my life on multiple occasions Overall, they're the only game in town for this kind of ride, so you get what you get.

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