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For our privacy policy please GameFAQs: Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles (PS2) FAQ/Walkthrough by .... Super Cheats is an unofficial resource with submissions provided by members of the public. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk. There are no cheats matching "" for this game! Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for ... To defeat the puppet, first you have to hit the Spirit Orbs (up the stairs) until they fall down,as well as the puppet, then jump down and hit the puppet until he rises up again (it would be best to use Neji for this). Continue doing this until the face on the puppet changes to a white masked face.

After he changes, he will make rotating pillars come from in front of him for protection and from the outer part of the ground. To avoid this, stay in the most outer part of the circle (where the stairs are) to avoid this. When he jumps in the air, he might change his face of toss out flash bombs from his mouth. If his faces changes to something different, he will try to suck you in and blow out black smoke. It's best to avoid that black smoke by staying on the side of where the smoke is being blown until the Puppet stops.

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    He is usually unable to be spoken in the first stage, but during this stage, he is able to be beaten.
    Once his life is in the danger zone (red in the boss health gauge), use Naruto and stay in the most outer part of the field to release shadow clones to the Master Puppet.
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    If you run out of chakra, just use items (buy enough when you see Chouji near the shop items). Then just keep releasing Shadow Clones until the master Puppet is defeated.
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    =P Double damage:the ultimate shadowclone attack! To do the ultimate Shadowclone attack preform shadowclone jutsu and ( you'll need the perfect rasangon chip for this) power up your rasangon to full power and you'll go right through your shadowclones and cause adittional damage, But remember to lock on your enemy first.
    Use "Naruto Spirit! " chip and do Shadow clone justu (make sure lock on is off) multiple times if you have enough chakra. 200 or more should do the trick!
    The clones do 1 point of damage. After a character has personally beaten all survivals they will recive a special personal skill chip for example sauske get sauske ferver which puts tanjitsu and nijitue attacks up by 50 points.
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    good luck with the extra skill chips Neji's gentle fist can turn into 8 trigams 32 palms by continually tapping Square, Triangle and R2 at the same time.
    Kankuro can make his puppet spin for a while and make the enemy try and fight his puppet and wont try going after you.
    First you need to buy wild dance skill chip then use it on a enemy like naruto or lee or any body press R1&R2 you will see his puppet spin then press R1&R2 repeatedly Sighns will come out of kankuro and the puppet will spin and the enemy will try to attak it and then get hurt at the end puppet will shoot out kunaies more powerful then regular kunaies In Survival mode, when fighting a in-game playable charactar as Sasuke and he is about to die use Lions Barrage(skill chip).

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    Not only will you kill him but the camera is on top of you and you can only run left and right.
    Don't worry, as soon as the new charactar comes or the loading screen you'll be back to normal.
    If you have the Fourth Legathy Skill chip (beat game once in store for 44444 ryo) then go to the mission Fires of Vengence (S-rank but the easiest one) keep doing it until you have 99 multi kunai or shurikans (can't remember which) but any who go to a mission with bandits and continuosly throw them at the bandit.
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    The big virtue orbs will keep coming out then grab them.
    Note:They are worth ten each so use the chip virtue orb bonus which will make them wourth twenty eack To do this have to have true rasangon chip in place.
    First, use shadow clone jutsu after locking on to the enemy. Second, power up the rasangon to its highest power and attack while the shadow clones are out and you'll go right through them and double the damage on the enemy.