This gallery is devoted to self-taken pictures sent in by visitors to this site. We invite anyone to send in his picture to CIRCLIST - Circumcision photographs along with data on age, height, weight, and erection dimensions and any comments you'd like to have reproduced.

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Spouses, girlfriends, or boyfriends can be a real help in taking pictures. Any pictures sent in should be clear, with no background clutter. (For further instructions, Category:Flaccid and erect human penises in comparison .... ) Some visitors have asked to see soft/hard comparisons, so if anyone could send in pairs of flaccid and erect pictures, these are welcome and would be posted in the soft-hard gallery. We hope this page will help us have better representation of erections that are shorter than 5 inches. PLEASE contribute if your erection is shorter than 5 inches. You will be doing yourself and others a favor.

Click on each small photo to see it in its full size. The full size is whatever was sent to me, so your click will get varying results. Use your browser's back button to return to this page. All the measurements on this page are given exactly as they are sent it, I am not verifying them. Viewers should realize that individuals may measure in different ways. Thank you to everyone who sends in a photo! Please use the buttons at the top and bottom of this page to navigate to additional visitor pages.

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    NOTE: There is a button that takes you to the Snapshot Gallery which is inside the Visitors' Pix gallery.
    age 26, height 5 ft. 8 in. , weight 175 lbs, erection length 5 in. You seem to have an under representation of men with smaller endowments so I thought I'd contribute.
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    It measures exactly 5 inches. Thanks for your contribution. It is beautiful and well-photographed. It's ironic that you feel that this is a "smaller" endowment.
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    It is, in fact, almost exactly the average found in the Wessells, et al.
    study - and that's the most authoritative research study we have. We all need to recognize that the large penises we see on the pornography sites (and some of the larger ones on this site) represent a very small percentage of all penises.
    They are not "typical. " YOU are typical! age 43, height 6 ft. 6 in. , weight 230 lbs, erection length 6. 25 in. Thanks for your web site.
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    Before I saw it I thought that my erection that points at the ceiling as very abnormal since most erections I have seen pretty much point straight out on the horizontal.
    Your web site showed me that there are plenty of other erections that point up and curve up. Feel free to use the picture.
    Actually please do! It's nice to have your handsome photo on this page. Sorry you spent some years thinking your angle was "abnormal.

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    " Since my own angle is a little lower than horizontal, I personally have always rather envied men with very high erection angles.
    I hope our readers will notice that you are 6' 6" tall - a big man.
    Your height is WAY ABOVE average. So it makes sense that your erection is longer than average, too.
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    Yes, readers, 6. 25" in above average - the 5" erections above this entry is average.
    age 23, height 5 ft. 11 in. , weight 200 lbs, erection length 5. 5 in. I consider my dick to be on the small side, but awefully cute and fit.
    Bravo! Size is not the only feature of importance. I agree that you have a handsome erection. And if it is "fit," that's really important.