I'm shopping for a refrigerator and I know that manufacturers sell slightly damaged units for a good discount.

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The term I've come across for this is Scratch-N-Dent. I know someone who saved over $1000 on a large refrigerator because of a slight scratch on one side. Here's my problem... how do you find out where these scratch-n-dent appliances are sold? Do the manufacturers have outlet stores? Thanks, Tamara C. We always buy scratch and dent appliances from Sears outlet stores. The outlets carry the Sears brand name and also many of the other major appliance makers. Our most recent purchase was a Maytag dishwasher priced $150 off of the regular price due to a small ding on the front panel.

Before that, we purchased a $600 GE smooth top stove for $400 with a slight scratch on stove top. A few years ago, we purchased a $1499 Amana side-by-side refrigerator for $830; it had a small ding on the side which didn't show. We have been 100% happy with these products. Here's a list of Sears Outlet Store - Southwest - Denver, CO to help. Marie H. I found most scratch and dent places in the outlet books at the library or purchased in book stores. There seems to be a book out for every area.

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    Quite honestly, though, I have had fantastic luck with reconditioned appliances.
    I have bought all of my appliances--refrigerator, stove, washer/dryer, dishwasher, even a Jen Air stove top--at a local used appliance store (found in the yellow pages).
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    They all have come with a one-year warranty, and service calls (I've had one so far in ten years) were only $25. 00 plus parts.
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    Ronda D. In our area, Scratch and Dent Stores are called Outlet or Warehouse Stores.
    These can be a great source of savings. We just got a fridge originally priced at $949 for $569 with just minor scratches on the edge. (You need a magnifying glass to see them.
    ) However, there are certain things to look for. Make sure you check the appliance out THOROUGHLY! Most are sold as is, so if they are missing anything when you get home, you may be in trouble.
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    Make sure you have a sales associate with you when you check out the appliance to have someone verify that the appliance is in good condition and has all its parts.
    Most outlet stores do not have delivery service, so you will have to arrange for private delivery or pick it up yourself.
    The store may be able to provide you with a service commonly used. We are thoroughly pleased with our fridge, and we would get another appliance at an outlet store in a heartbeat.

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    Some retail furniture and appliance stores have "clearance centers" at separate locations.
    Some are advertised, while others are not. You could call local furniture stores and inquire about "clearance centers" and "scratch and dent" merchandise.
    Another good resource for next-to-new and some brand new "scratch and dent" items is furniture and appliance rental stores.
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    I recently purchased a "scratch and dent" refrigerator at a local rental center for a great price.
    The refrigerator had two slightly dented-in dig marks which ran almost the full length of the right side..... the side which would go right next to my wall and be hidden from view.
    The size of the refrigerator is 18 cu. ft. , and it is only 1 1/2 years old with the balance of a 5-year manufacturer's warranty remaining.