Tum Yeto News: Head East and Keep Going...  Matt B and Mike Sinclair spend time in North Carolina.

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 Bennett captured some epic shit. Hell Yeah Matt B. Shoot those pics. Get some tricks. Looking good my man powered by breakfast pizza with a smoke in hand. And I bet that is Mountain Dew in Sinclair's massive cup. Ed, i just thought of the most awesome idea i've came up with in a fuckin while... i'm sure i'm not the only one who thinks this but you should allow pawns to order product off the Toy site. Because you would be able to find exactly what you want, Active, Pharmacy, CCS, etc. doesn't have all the good shit that I see on the site...

that would just be fuckin awesome, just throwing it out there... TOY FOR LYFE FUCKIN MATT B, CHAIN SMOKIN THEM CIGS IN EVERY PHOTO. U GUYS SHOULD OF BROUGHT THAT FOOL MELVIN WITH YOU GUYS. HAHA. Actually smoking in a restaurant? I haven't seen that for a long time. TurtleBoy's Twin Are you talking about a complete catalog of product? Because that would be sick. All Tum Yeto shit for sale,from the dudes that make it. Looks like a hella good time.

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    I was just saying just Toy product but now that you mention a complete catalog of all Tum Yeto gear, it just sounds so fuckin awesome...
    I've only seen one skate shop that had pretty much nothing but Tum Yeto product in it called Hangar 18 in San Diego but i don't if it even exist anymore...
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    and i live in the Inland Empire so... anyways, i agree with you. We need more Toy/Tum product at the click of a mouse... hahah My kind of local shop has Toy Decks and stuff,but it's not enough!!
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    We need more Toy Machine... some sick and epic spots. you could use them for brainwashing the local minions into thinking they epic and shit...
    oh and now i only skate toy machine send me some free shit what board is matt b setting up!!! looks like something for the new year!!!!! by the way turtleboy dudes...
    come to nampa idaho and go to downtown skateshop. they have BUNDLES of Toy's for your pleasure. Huh!! I want to get software pack XRUMER 5. 07 PALLADIUM for free.
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