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1968 schwinn sting ray deluxe three speed Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Hyper-Formance Sell Back Your Copy for $3. 50 Whether you bought it on Amazon or somewhere else, you can sell it back through our Book Trade-In Program at the current price of schwinn stingray | eBay. The stunning colors, aggressive styling, and "coolest-bike-ever" attitude of Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycles are captured in this look at the bikes that were highly coveted in the 1960s and are highly collectible today. For more than a decade beginning in 1963, Schwinn's Sting-Ray (and derivative Fastback and Krate models) ruled the sidewalks of America.

The Sting-Ray's outrageous appearance appealed to bike-riding kids for the same reasons muscle cars and choppers appealed to their older siblings. With its high-rise handlebars, banana seat, and wide rear tire, the Sting-Ray looked fast even when parked in front of the dime store. Immer gut unterwegs mit Fahrrädern und Motorrollern von OTTO! See a problem with these advertisements? schwinn stingray | eBay Product Dimensions: 8. 9 x 8.

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    ” James J. Varela  |  1 reviewer made a similar statement Liz Fried captures the look and feel of the musclebike era in her book.
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    She details the inception and development of the Sting-Ray craze, but doesn't provide the necessary details for collectors to use this book as a reference.
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    The book includes some very fine photos of Schwinn Sting-Rays and wets the reader's appetite for more.
    Was this review helpful to you? I have no idea if the author, Liz, is male or female. The author's gender is not relevant. I call this book good but not great because it takes a fluff and fold approach to the topic and really never progresses beyond the level of casual when it comes to research.
    If you are interested in the subject of Schwinn Stingrays you will find this book informative but not all that well written. If you are a collector of Stingrays then you probably already know most of this book's content simply having spent time reading the different online forums that cover the topic of Schwinn bicycles in general.
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    What would have moved this book beyond the casual level would have been, at the very least, a year by year break down of the different models with a comprehensive overview of the many production changes and differences that Schwinn chose to incorporate between 1963 and 1982.
    Unfortunately most of this information remains esoteric as it is enjoyed only by a small collection of very dedicated enthusiasts.
    For a comparison read a copy of "Original Porsche 911" by Peter Morgan and the difference between a serious reference work and Fried's book will become quite clear.

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    What Fried covers instead is the broader overview of Stingray production and interweaves some relevant information of the social climate in which the Stingray was conceived and produced.
    For those that grew up during the 60's and 70's it will be a pleasant walk down memory lane.
    For other readers those passages of the text will seem less than important unless they dream of living in the 60's.
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    Overall Fried's approach and skill as a writer tends to wander.
    The content does repeat at times and the entire text shows the earmarks of being self-edited. Overall the book deserves a place on the shelf of anyone interested in the Stingray not only as a unique, trend-setting bicycle but as the social icon it has deservedly become.
    In the end Fried's book does provide the Schwinn Stingray with that. If for no other reason buy a copy now while they are still affordable.