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U n i v e r s e ~ After seeing the number of issues people have had with crafting WWE Universe, I have decided to post a guide, based on my knowledge of the game and specifically the Game Mode, in order to help those having difficulty. My guide will cover a range of issues, such as the Ranking system, Title matches, and using all of the WWE Universe to it's full potential. If there are any questions or issues, please post them in this thread and I will assist as much as possible. Please enjoy! Contents I. Superstar Management - Brand Assignment - Title Settings - Allies & Rivals II.

Team Management - Navigation - Making A Tag Division - "Tag Partners" & Stables - WWE Universe Making Tag Teams III. Rankings - How It Works - How To Push Superstars - How To Bury Superstars IV. Schedule - Using RAW and SmackDown! - Using Superstars - Using Pay-Per-Views V. Matches - Select Match - Custom Match - Pre-Match Cut-Scenes - Mid-Match Cut-Scenes - Post-Match Cut-Scenes VI. News - How It Works VII. Created Superstars - How To Get On The Card By Default - How To Become #1 Contender & Champion - How To Win Money In The Bank VIII.

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    Turning Off Universe Mode IX. Unlockables X. Credits I. Superstar Management I'm not going to suggest who you put on each brand, as that it is up to each user, but I will tell you how it is used.
    Upon entering Superstar Management, you will notice the brand logo next to a superstar's name, as you can see above with Christian.
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    By pressing A (Xbox 360) or X (PS3), you will be able to change the brand a superstar is on. NOTE: This will alter the WWE Universe's default cards, but if you want to have a SmackDown!
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    superstar make an appearence on RAW, this is still possible.
    If you choose RAW or SmackDown! , WWE Universe will begin to book superstars on that specific brand, but if you choose any of the other possible brands (Legends, WCW, WWE, and "Locked" (ECW)), they will no longer be booked by the WWE Universe at all.
    However, if you wish for a member of any of them brands to make an appearence, you can do so by choosing them after pressing either "Select Match" or "Custom Match".
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    The Paint Tool logo is avaliable if you have a custom brand logo you would like to use for a superstar.
    Once again, the WWE Universe will no longer recognize the superstar and they will no longer be booked by default, so if you choose to do this, you will have to manually book this superstar in matches EVERY time.
    Title Settings From here, you will be able to choose who is the WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, Unified Tag Team Champions, Intercontinental Champion, U.

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    S Champion, Women's Champion and Diva's Champion, all before any match has started.
    By doing this, WWE Universe will automatically update the Rankings for each championship, and you will be able to start how YOU want.
    The Title Settings can be changed at any time, but be warned, it will affect all Rankings every time, so if you are working on a specific superstar building his/her way up to the #1 contendership, and suddenly change who is champion, the rest of the rankings may affect your other plans.
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    Also, you cannot change which brand the championship is on, even if you change the brand the champion is on.
    Allies & Rivals Also in Superstar Management is the Rivalry system. In order to have the best WWE Universe experience, my suggestion would be to only have a maximum of three allies and three rivals.
    If you have less than this, not many cut-scenes will occur, as the Universe will have nothing work with. On the other hand, if you have too many, then you lose stability in feuds.