with many different styles, take a look below. Dis nigga need to stop spending soo much time on his damn hair and play some good defense son!

pictures of iverson braids


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I heaya nigga! But he is doin betta Dat dude lookin like a dirty tennis ball on his head now!! i love the dude anyways. yeel 4rm naija. Where is the love? Why are you talking b-ball on a hair website? Can you ball better? Is your hair as hype? Most def not! What are your stats? Who do you play for? Stop hatin, it’s not cute. Like AI’s hair is…… The hairstyles this guy rocks is hard as a bitch. hes still one of the best there is i just hope he gets a ship before he hangs it all up. Now if you feel me then let it be known……..

ugh this be a hur styler. niggas be trippin cuz they aint black. WHAT? you feel me. anywho? hes black? who said that? i thought he was white. Haha listen up all commenters . A. I man i love his attitude his hair his talent this dude marked at 6 foot and in top ten basketball players to ever step on the floor one of the fastest and prob the greatest handler of all time his time aint over yet still got a few more years in his heart.

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