Sometimes what is supposed to be a fun night doesn’t end up being that fun in the end.

pictures of gorry car crash


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These pictures have been all over the internet and are known as a set of classic gore shots. The accident which left the man faceless allegedly involved firecrackers. As you can see from photos, it’s just the face that got blown the hell off, however seeing how jaws went to the shitter, the explosion must have created big enough pressure inside the skull to affect brain indirectly. It doesn’t look like any part of skull covering brain has been blown off, but judging by facial injuries, this was quite an explosion. It could have been massive bleeding or could have been brain trauma that eventually claimed this young man’s life.

One of the pictures is from the morgue, where as the other two are from the street where the accident took place. Looking at Aruba top he’s wearing – it reminds me of good times at Hooters in Aruba. It’s a nice little island in the Caribbean. A bit too poshy – very touristy and flashy to appeal to tourists with big pockets, but unlike most Caribbean islands, it’s outside of the Caribbean Hurricane Belt making it a great destination during summer and fall.

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