Si te gustó el artículo, No te olvides de Compartirlo en Facebook y/o Twitter! DJ Barb Abney is playing War's Low Rider right now and it's making me laugh, taking me back to my parent's basement when I first rented Cheech and Chong movies.

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But besides thinking of juvenile antics, Low Rider is also reminding me of the first times that I really started to appreciate horns in pop music. What would Low Rider be without its "ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba, ba-ba-ba-ba-ba"? What are your favorite horn moments in pop music? I think one of my uncles had a car with a horn that honked out "Lowrider. " It's gotta be Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. I loved that as a kid, and still enjoy it now. Low Rider is the quintessential "driving" song. You gotta roll the windows down, crank up the bass, and do the sideways head bob in time with the music as you try to look extra cool.

And or course, there are many James Brown horn parts too numerous to mention. This is an easy one! My favorite pop song with horns would be pretty much anything by Oingo Boingo. Ooh, I forgot the Dandy Warhols. I just don't care if they're "derivative", the dudes really know how to insert horn into pop. The horn player got plenty of air time during the Odditorium concert at 1st Ave. last year with tunes like "All the Money (or the Simple Life Honey)".

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    I would have to say that my love for horns was first realized with bands like The Specials and Adam and The Ants...
    In fact when I first read this post, the song I couldn't get out of my head was "Desperate But Not Serious" by Adam Ant, a completely underrated and brilliant song that has been essentially forgotten...
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    The horn section in the single version of "Close To Me" by The Cure also really blows me away. It is essentially a totally different song than the album version (which I also love).
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    The way Menomena incorporate the sax is really cool... Posted by Wells T.
    | Niurka posa desnuda para su calendario - YouTube my all time fave song with horns (or maybe just my all time favorite song of all time) would have to be 'love and happiness'--al green.
    also, the horns on 'heartbreaker' and the solitary french horn on 'can't always get what you want' from the rolling stones. on the local tip, three minute hero also had a badass horn section.
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    miss those crazy shows... Ahhh... "Love and Happiness" what a song!!
    Posted by Wells T. EL UNIVERSO - Niurka Marcos otra vez desnuda - Dec. 06, 2008 - Gente - Entretenimiento Reproducción de la portada del calendario para 2009 de la modelo cubana Niurka Marcos cuya...
    La actitud libre y desinhibida ha puesto a la cubana Niurka Marcos en el centro de la polémica, que estos días está servida con la publicación de su calendario para 2009, en el que vuelve al desnudo.

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    "Algunas personas creen que yo soy un personaje creado para el público; pero no, esta que ven soy yo", expresó la actriz y vedette quien actualmente promociona "La Emperadora, Calendario 2009" producido por el fotógrafo Alan Martin.
    En el calendario la actriz aparece desnuda en los morros y manglares de las playas de Acapulco, algo que para ella no solo es un acto completamente natural, sino sumamente poético.
    "Para mí, lo importante de este trabajo no es el desnudo, es la yuxtaposición del cuerpo humano con la naturaleza.
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    El morbo no está en la naturaleza, esta es completamente libre e inocente.
    Y el cuerpo es parte de esa naturaleza. Es el hombre quien ve morbo en el desnudo", señaló. "La naturaleza no pide permiso para romper una ola, para llover o para hacer una flor, y con este trabajo quise ser parte de ella", añadió.
    Además de dedicar tiempo a la promoción de su calendario, Niurka promueve su libro "Soy", en el que se expresa a través de escritos, fotos, poemas y filosofías, y su perfume "Niurka con Feromonas" y actúa en la obra "La Emperadora".