She is my new favorite celebrity I’ve never heard of. Allow me to enumerate all the ways in which she is secretly awesome: She looks the way I imagine Daryl Hannah’s character in Splash would look if she were a character in a telenovela, which she should be, because TV needs more mermaids.

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She’s wearing a bolero vest as a top. She was married three times in six years, a devotion to romantical drama that I appreciate. She appeared on Big Brother Mexico. I secretly (not really that secretly) love Big Brother in all incarnations. She has her own TV show called Espectacularmente Niurka, which can’t possibly be as espectacularmente as the other show she hosts, El Show De Niurka, in which she apparently interviews people from a jacuzzi. Niurja, you had me at jacuzzi. BET Awards Fug Carpet: ... ARIA Awards Fug Carpet: Clare ...

American Music Awards Fug ... A book, huh? Is it just stuff you already put on the Web site? Nope, we wrote the whole thing fresh, just for you. Awesome. In that case, I want to read it! Thank you! Click Latino Celebrity Sightings: Lorena Rojas + Niurka Marcos + Bárbara ... to find out all the details! Barely Dressed Niurka Marcos Brings Her Son To Univision Awards ...Lana Del Rey National Anthem Jackie O Music Video Premieres... You must be logged to see all your lists. Please, Niurka Marcos cosmetic surgery. This list is temporary for you. To make it permanent, please, Niurka Marcos en Tanga Bikini video semi desnuda muy sexy ....

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