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nikki s playmates com


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Delivered to you once a week. No bullshit, no spam - you know we are honest. Subscribe now. NikkisPlaymates Review - Quick site rank and complete porn site review. User Rating: 89/100 - based on 13 votes. Your Rate: Nikkisplaymates. com Porn Review written on 2008-08-14 Price & Payment Options: Join by check, phone or credit card via CCBill for $29. 95 for 30 days recurring. Tour Promises: NikkisPlaymates. com promises two weekly updates, weekly journal entries, downloadable photosets and iPod videos. My Opinion About NikkisPlaymates: As you might guess, Nikki's Playmates isn't just a solo babe showing off her pussy and her sexual talents.

As the name suggests, this particular babe enjoys showing off her friends' pussies and sexual talents as well. I guess you might say that she better enjoys sharing the spotlight. Nikki is a cute chick with a diamond stud in her nose and another where one might otherwise think a beauty mark would go. She also happens to have a couple of tattoos, so she's not exactly the innocent babe that you might initially think.

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    In fact, her site is decorated with some deep purple colours, which always reminds me of a tart more than the bubblegum pink often associated with innocence.
    There's a welcome message from Nikki, a forum and there's a journal from the babe and also from three of her playmates. The best part - well, one of the best parts - of the Nikki's Playground is the opportunity to see her in a live show.
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    Already there's an archive of her 25 shows, but there are also extra archived shows from her friends Roxy, Brandi and K Rexxx.
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    There isn't a schedule per se, but the site provides a countdown timer which lets you check on when the next show will be and by which babe.
    Nikki is, according to the timer, two days away from her next one. Photos and videos will keep you on your toes until the next live show. There are 16 sets of photos, which isn't as many as I expected.
    While Nikki appears a lot, the other playmates appear in their own sets, too. The photos are great looking. I loved the naturalness of them. Nikki never posed with stuffed animals, which was a relief because I sure as hell don't know any chick who would.
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    Seeing Nikki on a golf course or teasing her members in living-room and bedroom sets without the usual stuffed animals is much more realistic to me.
    The 1395x930 have a slightly dark edge to them, which again goes a long way to making the photos appear more candid than glammed-up.
    The content is fairly softcore and I have to admit I did expect more in this regard. However, as promised, you can download the sets of around 90 pictures in a .

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    zip file. The films aren't that much different and sadly, there are only six of them and only two feature Nikki.
    There are iPod (910kbps 640x352) and WMV (1940kbps 720x480) downloads.
    The films are between 6 and 10 minutes at most. Nikki is cute, to be sure and watching her flex her muscles and move her tight body are a pleasure, but this is all we really get to see of her.
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    Content isn't only softcore, it's very tame. Nikki and her friends, despite their apparent wildness, are big cock teasers!
    Final Verdict: While Nikki doesn't need more playmates, she certainly could use more videos and photos. There are more videos in the queue to be uploaded and members do get a teasing preview, but it looks like the cam shows are the reason you'll want to belong to Nikki's Playmates because the only extras are wallpapers.
    Nikkisplaymates. com Members Area ScreenShots - Click to enlarge: Posted by dude from PC on 2010-06-08 12:31:23 --- I will return as a paying customer to Nikki's Playmates the moment she starts modeling topless or full nude.