Niki Taylor Biography - Facts, Birthday, Life Story - Biography. com In Louisville, a Sudanese man who fled genocide in Darfur is shot to death while working in his clothing store.

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When the store's surveillance video fails to identify the suspects, Det. Rick Arnold must hit the streets and pursue every possible lead in order to track down the killer. And in Birmingham, a young man is shot dead in his home. His girlfriend, also shot multiple times, struggles to survive. She is able to give detectives the names of two potential shooters. Investigators must determine whether these two suspects are indeed the killers. In Louisville, rookie detective Kristen Downs is trying to untangle a love triangle that turned deadly.

And in Dallas, lead detective Scott Sayers and his team must piece together what happened inside a car that left the driver dead and a second victim critically injured. In Southern Louisiana, alligators are just a part of everyday life. When a vicious alligator attacks a family's dog, Deputy Melissa "Catfish" Quintal must call in the services of her alligator hunter boyfriend, Jacob Lirette, known as the "Gator Man", to handle the threat.

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