There are eight Maricopa County Detention Facilities, all are located in Phoenix, AZ.

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  201 S. 4th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85003 Information: (602) 876-1239 3225 W. Gibson Lane Phoenix, AZ 85009 Information: (602) 876-3555   2939 W. Durango St Phoenix, AZ 85009 Information: (602) 876-1222 102 W. Madison Street Phoenix, AZ 85003 3250 W. Lower Buckeye Phoenix, AZ 85009 Information: (602) 876-1236 225 W. Madison Phoenix, AZ 85003 2939 W. Durango Street Phoenix, AZ 85009 Information: (602) 876-1735   Navapache Bail Bonds | Inmate Jail Bail Enquiry | Camp Verde ... 3127 W. Gibson Lane Phoenix, AZ 85009 Information: (602) 876-1679   The visitation schedule for all Arizona jails is subject to change; the Maricopa County Detention Facilities are no exception.

  In general, visits are allowed 6:30 am - 2:30 pm with check in no later than 1:30 pm for visitation.   Each of the Maricopa Jails publish their visitation schedule via phone message.   Prior to visiting an inmate, it is highly recommended that you call jail information to confirm the jail's visitation schedule: 4th Avenue Jail.......... (602) 876-1239 Durango Jail.............. (602) 876-3555 Estrella Jail...............

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    (602) 876-1222 First Avenue Jail........... Jail Closed...
    Lower Buckeye Jail..... (602) 876-1236 Madison Street Jail....... Jail Closed.... Tent City Jail............ (602) 876-1735 Towers Jail...............
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    (602) 876-1679 Visitation Dress Code Dress Conservatively Valid Identification   In order to visit an inmate you will need current valid identification such as a driver's license.
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    Immigration cards are accepted with a valid driver's license.
    Visitation Procedures   Fill out one of the visitation forms available in the lobby of each jail.   You will need the inmate's full name and booking number if known.
      Inmates are generally permitted 3 thirty-minute visits in a 7-day period.   Visitors are limited to 2-3 visitors depending on the age of the third visitor.
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    Underage Visitation   Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
      Children between the ages of 14-18 must provide a current valid ID card. Visitation Lockers   Visitors are not allowed into the visitation room with personal items.
      If possible do not bring jewelry, sunglasses, cell phones, wallets and purses to the jail, however, you may secure these items in the coin-operated lockers located in the lobby.

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      Inmates may release personal property they were arrested with to anyone they choose, however, they must release all of it.
      The person picking up the property must provide valid and current picture identification such as a driver's license.
      An Immigration card along with a valid driver's license is acceptable.
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      Inmates arrested with cash may release their money to anyone without approval during the first 72 hours after their arrest; after that, approval will be required from the Jail Commander or designee.
      Inmates sentenced to the Department of Corrections must release their property to someone before they are transfered.
      Items not released are stored for 90 days and are then disposed of.       The Maricopa County Jail uses Value Added Communications (VAC), a third party phone provider, that manages the system and billing.