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Hey, we have a new extension for Chrome: Lyrics for Youtube! Pardon me for saying so but you look more pitiful than I have ever imagined. Despite perfect fashion and your photographs depict you so differently. I always thought you would be, some sort of match for me. So lets decide who can survive. Jumping fear and racing beats and hearts that don't ever slow. Then I'll write letters on my paper expressing my deep disappointment. Dripping where I stand (dripping where I stand) From my watery hands hoping to get passed the open bedroom door.

Where her clothes on the floor. Remind me of our conversations. The feeling of slight hesitation to turn off the lights. Fourteen days now since we started to complicate the situation. I'm not hiding, I'm just buying some time for us to find the back door. We will come out when it's safe for us. When it's safe for us, when it's safe for us For us, for us, for us There's nothing left to say. To express the way that I've behaved.

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