When some women get their hair cut, they make headlines. Check out these hair icons: A bob is a short haircut that became modern for women in the early 1920s.

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In the 1970s it became popular as a men's style, in which the hair is cut short, but a weighted area is left to fall between the ears and chin. It was invented in 1909 in Paris by the hairdresser Antoine, who was inspired by "Joan of Arc. " In Britain it became popular in "Bloomsbury" circles before the end of the First World War, but was made widely popular in the 1920s by flappers. At the time it was considered a sign of a liberated woman. In 1924 the razor cut shingle bob was introduced. Source: What are inverted layers in hairdressing are they the same as an ... Check out these sexy tresses and vote for the celeb who dons the best long hairstyle.

Fashionable Short Bob Haircuts for Women : Here fashion short haircuts for women bob haircut, Bob is very popular today as we have seen many hair styles celebrity long hairstyles for fashionable bob. If you are looking for a great short hairstyles, you should really try to cut bean especially if your hair type thin. No matter what type of hair you have or what color do you like to wear bob hairstyle is still needed.

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    Bob haircut Traditional hair short and fine, delicate ears, and reach...
    Inverted Bob Layered bob hairstylesShort hairstyles have been democratic for women since the 1920's. Louise Brooks�sbob hairstyle in 1917 became the most pop hairstyle of the 1920's.
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    Women of this time period threw out their corsets as they ventured out on a quest for exemption and they began cutting their hair short.
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    Short hair became the new hairstyle for women as they entered the workforce.
    Short hair has long sense been a symbol of freedom and professionalism for women. Short hairstyles ar fun, sexy, flirty... The Inverted Bob Magazine - Zimbio Fashion of Inverted Bob Haircut, padded ugly bob hairstyle can be outlined by streaking your locks in a very shade of your option this enhances the cut and creates it more noticeable as a design declaration.
    It can also be worn short or long, based on your option padded or set at an angle ugly bob is your best option for those who have fine hair. described previously, the ugly bob hairstyle needs little or no servicing.
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    Especially for those who already have immediately, excellent locks, the...
    Long Layered Bob Popular Medium Bob Haircut Ideas for Summer by BecomeGorgeous. comPerfectly-sculpted hair designs never go out of style.
    Check out the popular medium bob haircut ideas below to guarantee the success of your seasonal beauty update.

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    Hair / Stylish HairCuts by Contemporary Salonsby Contemporary Salonsby Sherri Jesseeby Jean Claude EtegnotContinue reading here: http://www.
    hair. becomegorgeous. com/stylish_haircuts/popular_medium_bob_haircut_ideas_for_summer-7906.
    htmlTags: medium haircuts, medium... The Inverted Bob Magazine - Zimbio Long Bob Hairstyle: When You Want To Forgo The Traditional Bob For A Modern Style When you’re not in the mood for a traditional bob, you’ve got the option for a long bob hairstyle.
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    It’s got lots of flexibility to it and will work with almost all hair types and facial shapes.
    The only hairstyle that cannot use the long bob hairstyle is curly hair. However, curly haired folks who like the bob look do have some options but they must be willing to do a cut and give definition to handle the bob...
    Long Inverted Bob - Stylist225.com : Baton Rouge Salon Hair Stylist An inverted bob hairstyle has rounded, head-hugging layers that are undercut (cutting the layers underneath shorter than the ones closer to the crown of your head) This shorter-in-back style will also show off a long graceful neck, or lengthen a short neck.