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com Reginae Carter (Lil Wayne daughter) raps - YouTube[Audio] Memphitz Defends Himself Against K. Michelle's Abuse Allegations © 2007 - 2010 Necole Bitchie. AWWWWWW!!! Lil Wayne's Daughter Reginae Is Growing Into SUCH A Pretty Young Lady . . She's A SPITTING IMAGE Of Her Mom!!! - MediaTakeOut. com™ 2012 : When HALF your genes come from a HUMAN GREMLIN . . things could go VERY WRONG for you in the looks department. But luckily for Reginae . . she gets all her GOOD LOOKS from her Mama!!! Next mto. follow me on twitter @red_prada She a lil thick. That zipper on her pants is screaming.

In the last 2 pics she looks like Wayne. But she is still really cute and she looks like a sweet girl. Hey Shannon! thank goodness she dont look like wayne !! Wtf! She look just like her daddy. whos reginae and what is she doing and why is she on MTO? ha. Hmmm. I will not slander kids I'll leave that up to y'all Lol SHE'S A CUTE GURL... BUT SHE LOOKS LiKE BOTH OF DEM 2 ME... SO GET OFF WEEZY'S SACK ! -_- They're Blended family looks very happy.....

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    smiles! Go Reginae. I see a musical future for her. Watch the stepfather or Wayne will go off Stop lying this chick looks like her daddy!
    That don't mean she ugly like him but she definitely got his features She losing the edges on her hair already. Gosh, did they put a relaxer in her hair when she was a 5 yr old?
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    She gonna be trouble .. I dnt want no daughters smH!! Hey MTO be nice.. Wayne is not a human gremil. He did however have a nose job(GOOGLE OLD PHOTOS OF HIM OR WATCH OLD VIDEOS OF HIM PRE 2004 and u will see the difference)She is so precious she has and always will look like her father...
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    just like him just a female version. You can't see his face, it's always stoned and covered i' tattooes...
    Lol I use to think she was ugly but She is growing up to be pretty. Her hair dry .. o_O she could do better She looks just like her daddy, not her Mom.
    LOL (literally)!!! "when half your genes come from a human gremlin". that was actually pretty funny MTO lol! For the record.... lil wayne is not ugly.
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    He just has wayyyy too many tats and that takes away from his appearance but this child definitely looks like her father.
    She has some of Toya's features but she is a Carter 100%. Shes beautiful so some making childish comments.
    Damn... WTF is wrong with people? Baby Carter... dont let these comments bother you boo. You are just fine baby.

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    Yall want to lower her self esteem but everybody cant be skinny and everybody cant be thick/big boneded.
    Her parents always make sure she has the best and Toya keeps her looking so cute and age appropriate.
    :) Cute girl--a mix of both of her parents. She looks like she has a great personality too.
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    @ PeachFuzz79 - thank you! It is so good to read a comment that uplifts real looking Black folk that's not putting them down, because they look like the images they have been taught to hate.
    Beautiful comment about the Carter family. "when HALF your looks come from the HUMAN GREMLIM". DAM!! The spitting image of her mom is not a good thing, lmao!!
    Unless she wants to look like she's 12 forever. No comment on those fried, dried scraps of hair sticking out the back of her head.