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Rapper Admits it is Real Birdman Defends Lil Wayne Kiss, Says He'd Do It Again - The ..., Birdman Talks Kissing Lil Wayne On The Mouth | Baby | Rap ... Nov 2, 2006 "Share your voice on Yahoo! websites. Birdman Defends Lil Wayne Kiss, Says He'd Do It Again - The .... " Like Father, Like Son. That's the title of the latest 20-track offering from the New Orleans-bred rap alliance called the Cash Money Millionaires. The group was co-founded by 37-year-old Bryan "Baby" Williams, who also goes by other multiple aliases, including "The Birdman" and "#1 Stunna". The actual "baby" of the Cash Money conglomerate is a guy named DimeWars.Com - Birdman says He Will Kiss Lil Wayne Any Day ..., who, at 24 years old, was the youngest member of the Louisiana-based label.

Lil' Wayne (nee: Dwayne Michael Carter) came into much prominence in his own right as an artist, and has been credited with possessing an excellent lyrical cadence that has driven his record sales well into the millions. But their rhyming skills aren't what has landed Lil Wayne & Birdman: Sometimes A Kiss Is Just A Kiss! in Davey D's ... - who also goes by the monikers of "Birdman, Jr. ", "Weezy F. Baby", "Weezy (something unprintable) Baby" or "Tha Carter" - and the real Baby Baby on the tongues of multiple hip-hop heads as of late.

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    What has set the email boxes abuzz is a photograph of Lil' Wayne and Baby planting a kiss smack dab on one another's lips.
    Immediately, the machismo-filled world of hardened rappers and wannabe rhymers explained away the image as something doctored or Photoshoped, reasoning that manly heroes like Lil' Wayne and Baby would never attempt such a move.
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    Yet recently, Baby finally addressed the firestorm of controversy in an interview with DJ Uptown Angela on Q93, a Clear Channel station in New Orleans, and admitted that the photo only expressed the real father/son relationship that exists between Baby and Lil' Wayne.
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    "Before I had a child, Wayne and all of them were my children, you heard me?
    " Baby said, using the same colloquialisms often spouted by other Lil Wayne Kisses Birdman In The Mouth On 106! "I Am The Ony One ... native sons like Master P and Juvenile. "Wayne to me is my son - my first-born son - and that's what it do for me," Baby told Uptown Angela.
    "That's my life, that's my love and that's my thing. That's my lil' son. I love him to death. " Others question whether or not the photo of Lil Wayne kissing baby is a fake move to drive up the controversy quotient for the "Like Father, Like Son" album, or if the photo surfaced from a former Cash Money brother-turned-rival "Gillie The Kid", who has reportedly taken credit for the release of the much circulated pic.
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    "Haters - that's just life. I don't even trip off that," Baby surmised about all the backlash.
    "I go to the bank in the morning. I can go buy whatever I feel like. So, I don't even set trip off that," Baby said.
    "Can't nobody live my life, but me and I don't try to live nobody else's life. " Paula Neal Mooney is owner of Plunder LLC, a media and publishing company.

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    A screenwriter and journalist for major websites like Yahoo and Examiner, Paula has also been published in various national print...
     Video: BirdMan Says He Will Kiss Lil Wayne Any Day! "Thats My ... Baby Kissing Lil' Wayne Photo Hits the InternetA picture which shows Baby kissing Lil' Wayne hits the Internet and rapper Gillie The Kid is taking credit for its release.
    Lol aww I think it's cute! (; Listen u would kiss your dad on the lips if you loved so don't be hatin on weezy just cause he kissed his dad.
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    i love lil wayne, i think he is sooo SEXY and he is not gay.
    I listen to alot of his songs and i'm not going to stop listening to them. people need to stop saying that someone is gay even if they kiss another dude.
    n ta tha last comment... yes dere is a black mafia... it aint like the "tradition sicilian mafia" but dere is da BMF.