Kari Byron Fan Reviews & Ratings - TV. com I posted on my Mythbusters review that my only complaint was one of the hosts, Kari Byron.

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Just hear me out on this before you all start jumping down my throat. Kari refuses to do anything on Mythbusters and it really annoys me. While Grant and Tory do some dangerous stuff, she's just safe below and sitting there with a smile looking all pretty. Kari just flat out does nothing besides make pottery and molds, but anyone can do that. In one episode, they tested which drink is more suitable to dealing with a hot pepper, and Kari immediately tells Tory and Grant that she will test them and tell them when they can drink. Then she refuses to hold pig skins for an experiment.

Finally they tested being drunk and seeing which one had the worse hangover and Kari was having WAY too much fun on waking Tory and Grant, with air horns and yelling. She just seemed to happy. Notice anything yet? Kari is just not doing anything at all and seems to have too much fun torturing poor Grant and Tory. Now I know at one point she was pregnant and she had her leg broken, so I can let those slide, but she really needs to start getting involved with the myths and not having Tory and Grant do all the dirty work on the show.

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    Her temporary take over person, Jessi Combs, was way better.
    She got more involved and had some street smarts to her. Unlike Kari who sits around twiddling her fingers and smiling. If anything, Mythbusters needs to tell Kari to get off and get Jessi to take her place permanently.
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    Kari is only there for sex appeal, and while I do find her somewhat hot, sexiness can only go so far and when the sex appeal is really lazy and does nothing that ruins it for me.
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    Kari Byron is just not a real good person and gives women a bad name and I feel sorry for them.
    She needs to either start pulling her weight around on the show, or just get off Mythbusters and go raise her family and let Jessi take over. Thumb me down all you want to, but it's just proof that Kari is there for sex appeal and nothing else.
    ok, she can build a mold - so can I if I try hard enough. She can make a pot out of clay - so can Tory. Aside from drawing in guys, what good is she?
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    She is annoying! perkiness is not cute anymore - that went out of style in the '20s - and with teenybopperism.
    For a woman in her 30s, she is trying to act way too young. As for the whole 'hot' issue . . face the reality boys, she's not going to date you, and thinking that her frame is average, is a setup for failure.
    Scientifically, she is a poor excuse for needing a woman on the show. Scotty did a much better job - why?

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    Scotty actually did things besides squeal and cry and draw in guys.
    Not to mention, even if Scotty was vegetarian like Kari, she would not cry and run away from handling dead pig parts for the sake of science.
    As a woman, I am embarrased to be the same gender as Kari - I believe she gives women as a whole a bad name.
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    No real woman acts like that unless they are those bleached blonde bimbos who think that all there is to life is looking cute so they can get a hot, rich guy to marry them so they can spend all day shopping for the cute new outfit.
    I don't know the woman personally, but her onscreen personality makes me never want to know her. She reminds me of all the popular cheerleaders in high school that sleep with the whole team just to get free cute things.
    I'm not saying she is one of these people, just that she reminds me of them. Oh, and disagreeing with me simply because you have the hots for her, is a good example of why she's a poor example of women as a whole - the majority of us don't act like that, nor look like that.