The criminal records of Kansas that include both arrest records and judicial dispositions for any criminal activities in the state can be found at the Kansas Bureau of Investigation' Central Repository.

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Its database obtains all of the information regarding criminal activities that come from the state's police departments, the sheriff's offices, the various prosecutors, and all of the courts all over Kansas. Criminal history data that is maintained by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation is comprised of arrests for felonies and misdemeanors, prosecution information, the dispositions of the court, and incarceration information on the confinement facilities operated by the state of Kansas. However, data from other states or federal agencies are not maintained by the repository.

Criminal records in the Central Repository of Kansas are structured by way of individual identity. This is so all crimes committed by the particular individual are chronologically arranged in single file. These crimes are connected with the record's subject based on identification through fingerprinting. The Kansas Bureau of Investigation allows access to the criminal records to any person or company requesting for it.

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    Criminal record checks can be conducted in two ways. The name-based criminal record check requires you to know your subject's complete name and birth date.
    Together with this, it is best be able to provide his/her other personal information such as the social security number, aliases if applicable, weight, height, birth place, race, residential address, and current occupation.
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    All of this information is very useful in being able to find a person's record or to establish that the person in question has no criminal record.
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    The fingerprint-based record check is the Kansas Central Repository's preferred search method.
    Criminal records maintained here are all associated with fingerprints that have been taken during the time an individual was arrested and was then submitted by the agency that performed the arrest.
    Obtaining fingerprints from an individual who is the subject of your search can be used against the fingerprint database of the Kansa Bureau of Investigation Central Repository.
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    Fingerprint-based searches have an accuracy rating of almost a hundred percent.
    (The fee charged for a name-based check is $20 for each individual. For a fingerprint-based check, an amount of $35 is paid for each individual.
    ) Kansas criminal records can be conducted online with fees that can be paid through credit card or by debit transactions.

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    Aside from this, access to criminal records is also allowed by the Division of records or other law enforcement agencies at specified business hours.
    The process for an online search is as follows: Log on to the website of the Kansas Department of Investigations.
    Select the button for "Do a Public record Check. " Proceed to the following page and select "perform a Record Check.
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    " Start to perform your record search by selecting "Begin Search.
    " Prior to conducting your search, you should agree to the specified terms and place in your payment of $18. 25 for each transaction with an additional surcharge for the Kansas Record of $1.
    75. Input all of the information you can about the person whom you are conducting your record search for, and submit.