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You will be issued a Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) QUEST card by JPMorganChase. The card is used like a debit card, to withdraw your cash benefits from an Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) displaying the QUEST symbol or used to purchase food with your Nutrition Assistance benefits. You may also use your QUEST card to purchase products from certain retail merchants. You are responsible for your EBT Card and Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the use of your benefits. KEEP THIS NUMBER PRIVATE! If your Cash Assistance or Nutrition Assistance account is accessed and used with your card or your representative's card, the benefits will not be replaced.

Benefits will not be considered for replacement until after they have been reported lost or stolen and will be limited to benefits remaining in your Electronic Benefit Transfer account as of the date of the report. Contact the EBT brochure - 12.06 or call JP Morgan Customer Service at 1-888-997-9333. contact customer service and much more. For assistance with the JPMorganChase Web site call 1-866-352-5878. To add an authorized user to your EBT card complete and submit the (70 KB DOC).

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