During the Belvedere red bottle launch party at Avalon in Los Angeles, Jenny McCarthy rocked this sexy, blonde hairstyle to pair with her eye-popping pink dress.

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Her sexy curls were the perfect match metallic dress. Together they created an overall fabulous style. Jenny McCarthy Hairstyles Hair Gallery - Hairstyles - DailyMakeover. com Browse through hundreds of photos featuring today's hottest celebrity styles and images from professional stylists, makeup artists and photographers. Try on these Hairstyles Now! Find the most flattering hairstyle for your face shape. Copyright © 2012 Makeover Solutions, Inc. Get Your Daily Beauty Fix! Clearly you're a beauty junkie, just like us! Ah, we love you.

Sign up for our newsletter to stay up to speed on: Send me occasional special offers from your trusted partners. You must agree to the terms to proceed. Apparently trying to channel her inner naughty librarian Jenny McCarthy's Chic Bob - Women's Hairstyles - About.com is seen here wearing a thick blonde curly hairstyle that falls just above the shoulders while attending the 2005 American Music Awards. This hairstyle is all wrong for the blonde actressthe thick hair really looks fake, and possibly some of it is,this hairstyle just resembles a wig too much but this funny lady proboly knew that already!

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    The topic of money and who pays for the wedding is one of the questions most commonly asked... Copyright Nearlyweds! , Inc. 2011. Jenny McCarthy Hairstyles, Fashion and Event Pictures | myLifetime.
    com If you are not a member, please Jenny McCarthy Medium, Sexy, Layered, Blonde Hairstyle - Beauty .... Enter the password that accompanies your username. View the latest Jenny McCarthy pictures. Check out her latest hairstyle, fashion and red-carpet event pictures.
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    Check out Jenny McCarthy's latest fashion photos. Rate Jenny McCarthy's photos, add them to your lookbook, email them to your friends, and post them to Facebook, Twitter and MySpace.
    Check out the latest Jenny McCarthy's hairstyle pictures. Check out the latest Jenny McCarthy's fashion pictures.
    Check out the latest Jenny McCarthy's events pictures. WOULD YOU DARE TO WEAR? Weigh in on Lady Gaga's tall topper!

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