This is only a small selection of inverted bob haircuts. More photos of inverted bobs can be found in our photo galleries with Inverted Bob Hair Styles Gallery 1 | Bob Hair Style Pictures, Articles - The Inverted Bob Magazine - Zimbio and The Inverted Bob Magazine - Zimbio.

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Click on the pics to enlarge them and for more details about the inverted bob hairstyles. For sheer drama and compelling effect, the angled (or ‘inverted’) bob hairstyle scores maximum points and is my absolute favourite of all short hairstyles. For any woman wishing to make a real statement with their hair, or is looking for a short style that oozes both sex-appeal and femininity: look no further. Sleek, dynamic lines draw the eye up along the curve of the shoulders or jaw-line, up to the highly sensuous zones of the nape, neck and earlobes - particularly if the nape is exposed.

In front, key facial features such as the lips can be beautifully framed and emphasised. This magical combination of lengths can often possess an air of transience, and convey the drama of a haircut in progress. This section contains the many variations and terms associated with this hugely dramatic bob style: angled, inverted, elevated, stacked and A-line - the common factor being the back is cut higher than the front.

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