Chemiasoft  28  Freeware  2. 03 MB Easily calculate weight of molar mass withChemiasoft Molecular Weight Calculator.

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 Matthew Monroe  45  Freeware  4. 13 MB Calculates weight and percent composition of chemical formulas and amino acids. Lots of information about every element of the Periodic Table.  Black Cat Systems  10  3. 35 MB Periodic table of the elements software with a wealth of nuclear information. 1  Dhaatu  30  Freeware  422. 91 KB It gives you informations about each of the 116 elements of the Periodic Table.  David Defoort  39  Freeware  233. 09 KB Mole Calc helps us calculate the molecular weight of any specified formula.

Complementary molecular wieght calculator. Spend your time accomplishing your primary work and let So... Calculates the quantity of reagent to be used when mixing solutions.  SynGene  10  Shareware  19. 05 MB Provide a full range of analysis capabilities for many different applications.  Sun Microsystems, Inc.  120  Freeware  953. 31 KB It helps the Windows based Assistive Technology to interact with the Java AAPI.

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     Tvalx  19  Shareware  1. 32 MB A powerful mathematical Software, extremely educational which does the right job.
    128  Oracle  43 634  Open source  1. 23 MB Java DB, the latest version being 10. 4 is an open source Apache Derby project.
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     AVLAN Design  43  2. 63 MB A handy tool for calculating weight, volume and mass of different 3-D objects.  Synergix Ltd.
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     1  Shareware  38. 46 MB It brings knowledge of medicinal chemistry, drug design and cheminformatics.
     Sun Microsystems, Inc.  103  Freeware  49. 47 MB A technology used for application deployment on the Internet via web browser.
     Gold Calculator  7  Shareware  2. 01 MB Casting Calculator converts wax weights to precious metals and alloy weights and vice versa.
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    6  Sun Microsystems, Inc.  860  Freeware  1.
    91 MB It is an API used to create rich 3D graphics for Java applications and applets.  University of Illinois  210  Freeware  17.
    82 MB With VMD you can visualize molecules and molecular systems in 3D mode.  Metal Suppliers Online, LLC.

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     8  Freeware  1. 42 MB It can calculate the weight of a piece of metal based on its alloy type and form.
     Owen Digital Corportion  1  Shareware  543. 17 KB Aspect of being fit and healthy is having your weight be within an ideal range.
    7377  Sun Microsystems, Inc.  1 856 207  Freeware  87.
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    42 MB Java Development Kit 7 (JDK 7) is the next major release of the Java SE platform.
     University of Colorado  27  1. 74 MB 7377  Sun Microsystems, Inc.  1 856 207  Freeware  87.
    42 MB Java (TM) version 6 Update 11 patches 14 vulnerabilities of previous versions. Ideal Weight According To Age & Height | LIVESTRONG.