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    Take a look at some of our favorites from 2010, and then send us a picture of your pinewood derby car.
    I like the crayola car its awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im going to make one like it for my pinewood derby race and win the coolest looking car!!!
    solija boy yahh
    the dads really built some beautiful cars. any pages that show some of the kids cars? i wonder if the kids were even aloud to touch the cars shown here.
    daily ajit punjabi j
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    hopefully they were aloud to watch there dads efforts. I think the dads did graet.
    But I think ill let my kid make one on his own i really like the wii romote!!!! but it looks REALLY hard to make how did they make it?!?! i want to make one for MY derby race!!!
    gotta have taken a LOT of work. Nice ideas! I like ‘em all! (somebody should do a pedro car, though…) i liked the tank. it was so realistic.
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    i liked the army tank it was so realistic. the paint design realy made it come to life.
    pikachu and turtwig are my favorites. I like the shark. AWESOME!!!!!!! i love the army tank. I wonder how long it took to make it these are awsome cars but I want plane cars.
    Does ANYBODY know what the car is next to the Orca??? I like the bowling one. I wonder if it struck 1 place © 2012, Boys Scouts of America.

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    Chatting with a Google Street View Driver - eKstreme. com Note: some details in this post have been skipped or generalized to be a bit vague to protect the identity of the Google Streeview driver.
    Sometime in the past few weeks, I was walking with a friend when we spotted a very funny looking car.
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    We both immediately knew what it was and as the car drove closer by, our suspicions were confirmed: it was a Google Streetview car outside London.
    Feeling naughty, I shouted at the car as it drove by something along the lines of "there are privacy laws" and to my surprise an old man across the streed did the same!
    It was very funny how both of us knew what a Streetview car looked like! Then it hit me: the road we were on that the car was driving into was a dead end road.