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All rights reserved eCorptv. com is operated by Find a Job :: Oxford County Library - Ingersoll Ontario 687 West Lancaster Ave. This blog is posted from a now retired 33 year CAW member. The purpose of this blog is to allow others to see the perspective of the average worker, rather than the views of CAW leader Ken Lewenza. If you have any concerns or comments on this blog, contact me at paulsblues45@hotmail. com Another example of fixing something that wasn't broken gone astray.

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    I know many people who used the HRDC job bank for seeking employment.
    It was an excellent design, allowing users to search specific geographical regions, as well as certain job categories or have a listing of all jobs avaialable.
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    Searchiong for say, a cashier in Ajax brings up one job posting, and it's not even a cashier position. Seems some tech guru decided they knew how to make the job search better, making it pretty much useless for most.
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    Brilliant! p. s. I'd provide link but the site is down again.
    yes the new hrdc job bank site is useless, i can't search for any jobs in my area... i have been using the old site since the 90's i'm sure, and it was just fine, easily the best job search site out there.
    the new one really sucks... i'll bet the gov't paid someone $100 000's to make the new site that doesn't work. losers! www. jobbank.
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    gc. ca/ was the old job bank site, which was great. now it redirects you to workingincanada.
    com or something stupid. this new job search tool is useless, can't look for jobs in a city but have to pick a job title???
    useless. Give the following site a try: http://www. indeed. ca/ It has very good regional/location and job specific searches.

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    It beats the workopolis & other job sites. From experience, the computer staff in the various government departments are marginal at best.
    No doubt the work was contracted out, and if recent trends I have seen in private industry are accurate, it was probably offshored to somebody cheap and incompetent.
    :( My son is 18, recently graduate from high school with very little work experience and relied on the job bank to pull up as many employment opportunities as possible.
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    He applies to vacancies in occupations where he didn't know he met the criteria; vacancies he wouldn't think to search under.
    Now he can't view the full content that was once available. This is not good!!!! This will seriously limit his job search and employment possibilities.
    This was his tool to communicate to the outside world. We live in a rural area and there is no bus route. What a disappointment, to say the least.