Plenty of tips on removing ink stains from clothing without spending a bargain. Get clean clothes again after an accidental spill of ink.

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Always treat the stain as soon as you can. Fold a light-colored cloth and place it underneath the stain to prevent the stain from spreading to more fabric. Be sure to also test the different solvents on a hidden area first to avoid discoloration. If you have them handy, try this solution first. Simply wipe the ink stain with a moist wipe or a baby wipe. Many clothing stores keep baby wipes on hand in case employees accidentally mark on clothing. First dab the stain with lukewarm water until no more ink transfers out onto your absorbent pad.

Next, soak the mark with hair spray and blot until, again, no more ink transfers out. Cheap hairspray often times work the best. Finally, dab with a mixture of warm water and clear or white dishwashing liquid. If hair spray didn't do the trick, try soaking the stain in milk for 1 hour. Remove the garment from the milk and wring it out. After the milk works to break down the stain, you'll want to coat it with a paste of vinegar and cornstarch.

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    Let the paste dry and then brush away. Try dabbing the stain with a cloth moistened with isopropyl or denatured alcohol.
    Isopropyl alcohol is simply rubbing alcohol that you probably already have in your bathroom cabinet. Denatured alcohol can be found at hardware stores.
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    Again, watch for when no more ink transfers onto the absorbent cloth. By now, one or a combination of these steps should have worked for you.
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    Your last step should be to launder your item as usual. Just be sure not to dry the item until all stains have been lifted.
    How to Remove Ballpoint Pen Ink Stains From Fabric | eHow. com Ink stains on clothing is something most people have to deal with at one point or the other.
    Ink can be pretty tough to get out, but most ballpoint pen ink stains come out with lots of persistence and patience. Test on similar scraps of fabric before proceeding.
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    How to remove ink stains from clothes Sponge the stain with water to remove as much ink as possible.
    Allow the spot to dry. Set the affected area face down on a clean cloth or paper towels. Spray the back side of the stain with hairspray, or apply rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover.
    Blot the back side with a clean terry cloth washcloth to further remove as much ink as possible. If you're left with only traces of a stain, consider using bleach to get it out.

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    KrYstal I used nail polish... and it works... make sure u have a cloth behind so it won't get the other side of the cloth try it:) Wash ball pen ink from fabric with milk.
    Most of us who use ball point pens get ink marks on our clothing without even trying.
    But the ink does not... INK STAINS: Was the pen left in the pocket before washing and drying?
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    Did ink markings suddenly appear on the expensive jeans?...
    If you use ink pens on a daily basis, you've probably discovered they can sometimes leak or burst, staining any fabric that...
    Ink stains--a hazard for office workers everywhere! It's bad enough when you get ink all over your hands, but when it gets...