I always wanted to meditate but I never knew how. I tried emptying my mind of thoughts and just got a headache.

how to do transcendental meditation


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Staring at a candle got boring after a while. I gave up, thinking I just couldn't concentrate hard enough. When I went to my first Transcendental Meditation lecture in 1971, the teacher said, "It's easy, anyone can do it. " Given my previous failures at meditation, I was skeptical. But I gave it a try, and within three days I knew this was the path for me.      Most people think that meditation is something else that people do, like jogging and playing solitaire, listening to music and petting their cats. But doing things involves the active mind.

If the active mind is like waves on the surface of the ocean, then the Transcendental Meditation technique is like diving to the silent depths of the ocean.      A technique is a better way to do something that is based on deeper understanding of the laws of nature. You can't move a huge boulder with your bare hands no matter how hard you try, but with the technique of a lever you can move that same boulder with one finger.

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    The unbroken tradition of Vedic knowledge, embodied by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, has deep understanding of the laws of nature governing consciousness.
    For more than 40 years Maharishi has been teaching an effortless technique to transcend thoughts.      It is practiced for 20 minutes twice a day, sitting comfortably with the eyes closed, as a preparation for effective activity.
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    The boundaries of experience effortlessly expand and you experience deep silence while remaining awake inside. Anyone can do it.
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    You don't have to be smart, educated, vegetarian, religious or able to sit still in a chair.
    You don't have to understand what you've just read or even believe that it works. If you are human and awake you can learn how to transcend.      The TM technique is in accord with the laws of nature that govern human awareness.
    What do you notice about your mind? That is has a lot of thoughts? That it's always moving around? Bingo. Observation Number One: The mind is constantly moving.
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    Most people stop there and give up, complaining that it would be too difficult to train the mind to stand still.
    They are right. Forcing the mind to stay on one object of perception goes against the nature of the mind.
         It seems that the mind is always looking for something more: more knowledge, more fun, more power, more joy - just more.

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    Observation Number Two: The mind is always moving in the direction of greater satisfaction.
    That means it will never be completely satisfied by anything less than infinity.
         The mind will find fulfillment only when it moves beyond objects into the infinite field of awareness itself.
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    The Sanskrit word Ananda describes the bliss of pure consciousness.
    Bliss attracts the mind like no-thing could. And we don't have to go anywhere to find it. Pure consciousness is just the simplest form of our own awareness, located at the source of thought.
         So: An infinite field of pure bliss lies at the basis of our busy minds; and our minds always move in the direction of greater happiness.