Moymoy Palaboy is a Marimar mediafire - free download 4shared - (133 files) comic and singing duo known for their uploaded MARIMAR : Deleted Scene - YouTube videos in Marimar - free download 4shared - (134 files).

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The duo consists of the Obeso brothers, James Ronald (a. k. a. Moymoy, born on July 17, 1983, in MARIMAR : Deleted Scene - YouTube) and Rodfil (a. k. a. Roadfill, born on August 28, 1985, in marimar audition - YouTube). They are now Watch Marimar Videos, Scenes, Promos, Cast And Crew Interviews ... contract artists. Marimar mediafire - free download 4shared - (133 files) Before James and Rodfil's career started, their mother, Nenita Obeso was stricken with breast cancer. When she died in 2006, their aunt, Benny Obeso (fondly called Mama Auntie by her nephews) took them in. The brothers went to the same public elementary and high schools in Pasay City. For their college education, they both attended the TheMindOfAFangirl.

James majored in Broadcasting, but dropped out of college to find a job and help his mother. His brother Rodfil finished a Business Management course and used to work as an in-house sales representative at the MARIMAR : Deleted Scene - YouTube (PLDT). Rodfil loves to sing at videoke bars, play computer games and electronic gadgets. James Ronald auditioned for MariMar (Philippines TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia but he failed to qualify. He used to perform in a band named Pasionista, until he decided to leave the band to join a television show with his younger brother.

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