Gold's Gym Dance Workout review - National Wii fitness | Examiner. com Dance workouts are one of the latest fitness trends, and the release of Gold’s Gym Dance Workout is another game that supports this trend.

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Gold’s Gym Dance Workout features workouts of various levels of difficulty. The focus is based around dancing – mainly different forms of Latin Dance. Some of the Latin Dances include Salsa and Cumbia. Do not worry if you are not familiar with Latin dancing. The levels range from tutorials to advanced. Also included is cardio boxing and a number of mini-games. Your workouts are led by a trainer with two other avatars behind the trainer. It gives this workout game the look of really doing an aerobic workout DVD. Next to the trainer is an image of what moves are coming up next.

Trying to keep an eye on that image is difficult, yet somewhat necessary. The audio cues are not the best, and for someone like me who relies on cues to know what mores are coming up, this is a little bit of a problem. The cuing is especially bad during the cardio boxing exercises. There are pre-made workouts approximately 25 minutes long, you can choose short workout segments, or customize your own workout. The pre-made workouts are broken into segments of about 3 – 5 minutes long.

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    Sometimes this is a little frustrating, sometimes it’s good to be able to take a second to catch your breath.
    An issue I have with the pre-made workouts is that the Latin dance and cardio boxing are mixed into one workout. I would prefer a workout of all Latin dance or a workout of all cardio boxing.
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    This is why I choose to customize or do the short workout segments. Workouts are performed to some popular dance songs as well as Latin music.
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    I found the music volume to somewhat overpower the voice of the trainer.
    Unfortunately, adjusting the sound settings really didn’t do much to improve the problem. The mini-games are OK at best. There are games such as jump rope, bullfight, and sword fight.
    Many are frustrating as they are just not as responsive as they should be. Dancing, especially Latin dancing, is not my strong suit. While I couldn’t perform many of the moves perfectly, I did my best and I was still judged well by the game.
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    I have a few gripes with Gold’s Gym Dance Workout, but overall I have fun and definitely work up a good sweat.
    If you like dance workouts and want to have fun working up a sweat, try Gold’s Gym Dance Workout.
    Anther Gold’s Gym Dance Workout Gold's Gym - Glen Burnie, MD. Lisa Donley is a stay at home mom of two. Lisa has been using the Wii for over two years and loves use it with her family and to blog about her Wii fitness achievements.

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