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By Joan Hallmark - graffiti letters m | galilea montijo video escandalo mpg

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Upgrade to the latest Flash Player for improved playback performance. how to draw a graffiti gangster skull - YouTube or Sureno Gang Graffiti: Understanding the Art of War. He's not even fucking tracing retards...  How to Interpret and Analyze Gang Graffiti | or How to draw graffiti (GANGSTER) - YouTube now to post a comment! amazing!!!! true talent right there keep it up Aye Wiz iGot A Question For You And It Relates With AUZZITAGZ90 Why Dont You Get Out On Walls Bro.. iMean iDont Know If You Have, But Ive Been A Big Fan Of Your Work .. And In My Point Of View Your A Legend On Paper But All You Need Is Bombs..

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    You are the best I have ever seen..  THIS GUY IS SICK AS FUCK !!!
    LOVIN THE ART WORK MAN GOOD SHIT GOOD SHIT... How about u get a laptop and some spray paint and watch this vid and not do it on paper but spraypaint it on the walls!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Nice ur good but the ? s is r u that good with a spray can? Drawing Graffiti - (WIZ) - and a Character. by cholowiz1369,193 views Name Art (semi graffiti?
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    )by RLMlove845,165 views Skull Camp -Drawing Oldschool Cholo Character.
    by bestarte1328,660 views HOW TO DRAW A SIMPLE SPRAYCAN CHARACTER. by cholowiz13179,600 views Your queue is empty. Add videos to your queue using this button: or Deciphering Gang Graffiti - Entropic Memes to load a different list.
    Graffiti in public facilities, churches and cemeteries is a felony charge in most states. Graffiti in any place without permission is vandalism, and a disrespect to the community.
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    Operation No Gangs does not condone or encourage any type of unauthorized aerosol or other permanent marking device gang markings.
    Defacement of property is often a felony offense. Photos by Rob Gallardo, Operation No Gangs Page best viewed in Mozilla Firefox or Safari browsers.
    The examples in above prior two rows exhibit the writing styles typical of tagging crews - rounder, bubble-like and other stylized fonts/letters, as well as emblematic cartoon drawings.

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    To a tagger, visibility and location of their writing or "piece" is most important.
    Gang writing, placazos, in the Hispanic gang world, are used to mark territory, indicate encroachments to rival territory, display who is who, convey messages of harm or intimidation to others, and also to convey pride in membership.
    Operation No Gangs photographs El Paso and Los Angeles gang graffiti to determine what is taking place in specific gang-ridden areas and to gauge the pulse of gang movement and activity on city streets.
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    All photos by Rob Gallardo, Operation No Gangs No part of this web page may be copied, duplicated, transmitted or otherwise reproduced in any form nor for any purpose without the express Graffiti Alphabet - Graffiti Letters Alphabets Operation No Gangs considers aerosol writing or tagging as vandalism in all its form when taggers mark up private or public walls or objects without the permission of the owner.
    Graffiti (gang placazos): aerosol or marking material writing of a gang name, gang acronym, gang symbology, declared message, and/or gang member name(s) deliberately placed on a wall, trash dumpster, street curb, mailbox, street asphalt, billboard, street sign or other highly visible object/location.
    Gang-related graffiti has been termed "the newspaper of the streets", as graffiti messages often convey territorial delineation or control, encroachment into a neighborhood, affiliation with other gangs, the names of gang members in a given group, and intentions to war with or harm gang groups or individuals.