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How do you get in gangster disciple? I got blessed in, but there are other ways to get in. Dont go around false claimin cuz u will get violated. First answer by Secret Codes and MySpace pages of the Black Gangster Disciple .... Last edit by People and Folk Nation Sets - Florida Department of Corrections. Question Secret Codes and MySpace pages of the Black Gangster Disciple ...: 1 [Urban Dictionary: gangsta disciple]. Can you answer these 17 Laws Of Gangster Disciples Free Essays 1 - 20 questions? Secret Codes and MySpace pages of the Black Gangster Disciple ... What does 416 stand for gangster disciples? No knowledge about the Gangster Disciples should be spoken outside of the Folk Nation. *Join the Folk Nation learn ur knowledge(don't tell outsiders) Urban Dictionary: gangsta disciple What is the lic for gangster disciples? first of all it's lit,as in literature!

and it's tha laws and policies that every brother of the struggke must go bye. 16-13-12. plenty much love..... does this gang operate in Louisiana united states? Black Gangster Disciple Knowledge | Answers Wonder if you are the only gangster disciple? Secret Codes and MySpace pages of the Black Gangster Disciple ... Are gangster disciple's going to hell? What u fail to realize is that the Gangster Disciples(just like any other gang) can't be stopped, so if a member or members die they recruit more it's a NEVER ending cycle.....

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    If Gangster Disciples... Black Gangster Disciple Knowledge | Reference.
    com Answers Knowledge www. buecher. de/knowledge Bücher von Oxford University Press jetzt sofort bestellen. Portofrei! Discipleship Training www.
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    omega-discipleship. com/ Looking for a powerful discipleship training program for your ministry? The Black Gangster Disciples (BGD) is a street gang that splintered into the Gangster Disciples (GDs), Black Disciples (BDs) and the Black Gangsters (BGs) street gangs in 1978 when the original leader died.
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    The gangs are comprised of young African Americans. The groups usually splinter as individual leaders arise but their knowledge is similar and originates from the Folk Nation.
    The major gangster disciples | Tumblr activity of these gangs is to sell drugs and they survive by recruiting young members. These gangs became notorious in Chicago in 1994 when an eleven year old member was executed.
    Every gang has what they call "knowledge," contained in a book, or manifesto, that every gang member must memorize. The book is full of codes and the meaning of their symbols and gang signs.
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    For example, the BGD gang utilizes the six-point star and each point has its meaning: Love, Life, Loyalty, Unity, Knowledge, and Understanding.
    In their book of knowledge is also a set of laws which they pledge to follow. The BD gang has a sign with three fingers up that they use to initiate new members.
    There are also prayers that must be memorized and recited before joining. The initiation prayer pledges allegiance to the gang leader who is often held in high esteem such s a religious leader.

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    There is a universal code of laws that must also be memorized by new gang members.
    This code of laws is centered on respect given to fellow gang members and the king.
    There are laws to make the new member feel a part of the family and obey the gang members and leader.
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    For example one law states that " I will greet and salute any member of the Black Disciple Nation with the crossing of the CLENCHED FIST, the warriors sign whenever and where ever I see any Black Disciple.
    " This builds a unity that the young black members feel is lacking in their lives. More can be learned about the laws and codes related to the Black Gangster Disciples at this website: http://www.
    ngcrc. com/bdprofile. html. More reference links: http://www. ngcrc. com/bdprofile. html. http://www. gangresearch. net/ChicagoGangs/BGD/bgdhomepage.