Eradicating evil one dorkchop at a time. Bring it. I’m back. Been stuck in orbit around an unfriendly planet.

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A skank of buttmunch with an incredible pull, she sucks me in and saps my energy. So yeah, I was gone. But I was practically imprisoned. Please don’t hate me for it. It was murder being away from you as well. Needless to say, I remain at odds with the world in it’s current broken condition. I do appreciate a comeback story and I do feel one coming on. Don’t you? The nice thing about unkind extremes is that they clarify a few long-held hypotheses. I believe we are being shaken for a reason, the crux is why we embrace the suck.

Still, who likes being molded? It is a painful and unpredictable contortion, miles away from rest. No one wants to rest more than I, my loverlies. Which brings me back to blodging, I miss this vile contortion. It was a favored escape hatch to me many times in the past. And let’s just say as the oxygen begins to thin and my mind begins to drift nostalgic, I’d rather be out here floating with my blown-eyeds than anywhere else in the world.

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