The Ink Exchange is located at Bleach Anime Tagged Layout in Gaia Layouts - | Find the Light. Bleach Layouts • Bleach Myspace Layouts • Myspace Codes (page ... will accept vials of Bleach Anime Hi5 Layout obtained by Gaians via the Obey Gaia Layouts and can either mix them to create different colors, or create tattoos using Gold as well.

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The tattoos can appear or disappear at the will of the wearer - as in, they can be equipped like regular items, and traded among Gaians. The different colors of ink can be used to make different tattoos, or used in the Bleach Gaia Layouts - to dye the paper and ribbon of bouquets. Fish can be exchanged at The Ole Fishing Hole at Bass'ken Lake. Old Man Logan will give you... The Trash Exchange is run by Peyo at Ruby's Rack in the Isle de Gambino. Peyo is determined to... Gaia Layouts - ArtMoth. com | Find the Light Your Gaia Profile will look awesome with a spiffy Gaia Layout.

^_^ Not sure what category to look in? Or just looking for a specific Gaia Layout? Use the search below! Login to the left or Midnight Lights Graphics// GaiaOnline Layouts, Guides, And More today! Get rewards for submitting your layouts! 2009-10 ArtMoth. com. All Rights Reserved. We are not related to any social networking websites. These Hollow ichigo Gaia Layouts have been specially designed for your Gaia Profile. Check out the Hollow ichigo Gaia Layouts designs here on ProfileBrand.

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