It is important that certain preparations must be made in order that a eulogy can properly honor the dead.

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Preparation will help the one making such speeches from embarrassment. This article will provide certain guidelines for one in making an effective eulogy. If you are tasked or simply desire to deliver a eulogy for a mother, father, brother, or anyone dear to you, here are tips to help you in your preparation of a good eulogy: 1. Know the person. This means that a reflection must be made about the past things that the dear departed had done while he or she was alive. It does not always have to be something that he personally provided to you but it can also be something that he had done to others.

A reference to his past works, exceptional contribution to society, admirable traits, and all other things that makes him special might be able to give you some ideas. Bear in mind that even ordinary instances in our daily lives with the departed can become a great part of a eulogy if delivered well. 2. Take down notes. It is important that while reflecting on the life of the deceased, you take down notes. This will help you not miss out on some of the details that you want to share to others.

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    This will also help in editing out those things that need not be said.
    This will also help you to see right there and then if it needs more details or has to be cut short. There is a tendency that a person would provide long eulogy just to show to the people how familiar or dear the deceased to him or her.
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    However, this is unnecessary. A good eulogy can do just that no matter how short. 3. Draft. First, you have to organize the details of your speech.
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    This will help the audience to understand the flow of your speech especially if it is a narration.
    It should be compartmentalized or in chronological order based on dates, place, or personality of a person. For example, if it is a eulogy for a mother, you can start off by how was she as a mom, as a co-worker, as a religious woman, etc.
    You can also start your speech by the time she was born, went to school, met your dad, took good care of you up to the time of her demise. Reflections should ideally be stated at the end of the speech.
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    If it is a eulogy for a mother, you can end it by citing the lessons you learned from her or how she contributed in making you a good person.
    4. Practice. There are many practical uses why a person should practice his speech. First, it gives you the opportunity to correct errors in the speech.
    Second, it helps you to keep the proper phrasing and breathing in the delivery of the speech. Third, this will help you boost confidence and lessen stage fright.

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    If you are up there in the podium, always remember that this is the last time you?
    ll be saving goodbye to your loved one and that you? re there to let other people know how proud you are to have known him or her.
    Margaret Marquisi is a retired novelist and fulltime grandmother. For tips on How to Use Free Sample Eulogies - InfoBarrel, please visit her Sample Eulogy - Father Dad | Eulogy Speeches | Free Sample ... website.
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    Copyright (c) 2009 Free Online Library This article can be reproduced subject to Free eulogy Essays and Papers.
    Sample Eulogy For A Mother this article. Length: 1337 words (3. 8 double-spaced pages) Rating: Red (FREE)       - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Eulogy for Grandmother I'd like to talk today about my grandmother, Ruth Smith - about who she was, what she meant to us, and what this day means.
    Grandma was a homemaker and a lifelong resident of Marshall. This might seem like a constrained life to some, but I don't think Grandma would have agreed, and I'd like to explain why.