D. C. Chow: Four-Star Steaks and Salads at Fogo de Chao : Buffalo Chow D. C. Chow: Four-Star Steaks and Salads at Fogo de Chao Fogo de Chao 1101 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 20004 Web: Fogo De Chow - Restaurant | Facebook Phone: 202.

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347. 4668 Rating: "Fogo is a steakhouse that will expand the palates of carnivores and please even discerning vegetarians - a true benchmark for both churrascarias and restaurants in general. " What differentiates a four-star restaurant from the rest? In short, a dining experience good enough from start to finish to define or re-define expectations for others of its kind. Fogo de Chao, a Brazilian all-you-can-eat steakhouse with 14 U. S. locations, has been one such benchmark since we first visited its Chicago venue many years ago, continuing with its newer Beverly Hills and Washington, D.

C. locations. Individually or collectively, they impress so thoroughly on food quality, quantity, service, ambiance and pricing that we'd cite them as must-sees for foodies and field trip-worthy for restauranteurs, the sort of places that people should learn from. We had the opportunity to visit the Washington shop this week, and were delighted to find that it is as excellent as its predecessors. For those who may be unfamiliar with the Brazilian steakhouse concept, Fogo de Chao (pronounced Fo-go deh Shown) is a churrascaria - a place specializing in the barbecue of meats, permitting customers to sample or fill themselves on multiple types and cuts for a fixed price that changes from lunch ($32.

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    50) to dinner ($49. 50); people spend as much or more than this to have a single steak at many restaurants.
    In addition to diversity of options, churrascarias pride themselves on unusually attentive, friendly service: well-dressed men called Gauchos - essentially, Brazilian cowboys - circle the dining area with skewers and knives, stopping at tables to offer slices of the meats they've just pulled from the kitchen.
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    Restaurants of this sort differ in pricing, the number, diversity, and quality of meats offered, and in various dimensions of service; Scottsdale | Fogo de Chao in Niagara Falls, Canada is the closest churrascaria to Buffalo, and offers meals at roughly the same prices.
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    It rated 2. 5 stars overall. Fogo is on a different level entirely: the highly personal, attentive service, mature ambience, and varied food options are designed to so thoroughly impress that you'll want for nothing by meal's end.
    Imagine sitting down at a white cloth-covered table, flipping a coaster-sized card from its red side to green, and then watching as a steady stream of sword-carrying men approach your table with massive hunks of meat.
    You need only say yes or no to slices of each one, and they keep coming back every minute or three until you flip the card to red, indicating "stop.
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    " Every sword of meat has been cooked such that its parts range from rare to well done, enabling you to request a cut that's done to your liking, without any waiting.
    Beverages are refilled instantly, crumbs and plates are cleared promptly, and you're always offered access to anything that might make your meal more pleasant.
    When you finish all the meat you can possibly eat, you'll be offered dessert - creamy Papaya Cream, cakes, and the like, all legitimately very good - but you most likely won't have room for them.

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    You'll actively want to tip generously. And then there's the surprise.
    We are unashamedly carnivores: we love meat, and expect to eat a lot of it at a place like this.
    And we do, as we'll explain in a moment. But what if an all-you-can-eat meat restaurant could tempt you with something else - not just fillers, but quite possibly the most impressive fruits and vegetables you've ever seen?
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    Asparagus stalks as thick as fingers, delicious full sun-dried tomato slices, sweet red, orange, and yellow peppers, hunks of fresh mozzarella cheese, and all of the fresh items needed to make a Caesar or other salad - everything in pristine form?
    Even given the prices and the choice to either gorge on meat or enjoy the sides, the quality of the vegetable offerings always inspires us to partake in them, too; they're routinely outstanding.
    Notably, vegetarians can go purely with salad bar access for $22. 50 to $24. 50. There are also four filler items - dishes that are placed on your table as a courtesy, should you want them.