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com FOX News’ Megyn Kelly is going to be a mommy! The America’s Newsroom anchor announced on Tuesday that she’s due to give birth to her first child on October 6th. No word on when Megyn, 38, will begin her maternity leave, but she says that it will be “brief” and for viewers to “stick around and watch me grow! ” Megyn and her husband Douglas Brunt were married March 1st, 2008. She co-anchors Police Name Michelle Parker's Ex-Fiance, Dale Smith, Prime ... along with Bill Hemmer, from 9 a. m. to 11 a. m. on the Fox News Channel. Click below to view Megyn’s announcement.

Congratulations to her and her husband! I really love the levelheadedness (is that a word? she brings to her show! She seems very lovely…I think she’ll be a wonderful mother! I was so excited when she announced it the other day. I kinda figured she was last week when her clothes got looser. I hope she delivers on the 6th. I love her and Bill Hemmer together, they are the best thing in the morning. SO excited for Megyn and Doug!

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    Watching Megyn and Bill is a great way to start out the day and it will be fun to see her grow over the next few months!
    Congrats! According to Fox weather person.. Janice Dean.. Megyn is having a boy.. Janice said this on her Facebook blog.. Maybe Janice Dean was just kidding since she has a baby boy, too … isn’t it too soon at three months along to tell if she’s having a boy or girl?
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    Anyway, I love her show and watch it every morning. She will be a great mother and I’m so happy for her ~ and I hope Bill Hemmer gets married next; he sure is a cutie How exciting!!
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    I love Megyn!! She rocks! Wonderful news Megyn! Hope that you have an easy pregnancy and a healthy little one.
    I know he or she will be handsome or beautiful! You will be a wonderful mother. I love to watch you on the show with Bill and also the other programs you appear on, especially the one with O’Rielly.
    Love your smart level headedness and common sense! I really like her and am very happy! Great news! I am so happy for Megyn and congratulations.
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    She will be a wonderful mother and love watching her in the morning with Bill Hemmer.
    I knew something was up the day of her announcement on Fox News. This is wonderful! I was right !!
    Way to go, All the best to you and Doug ( and Uncle Bill ha ha ) Don’t care for her show, but congratulations to her!

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    Congrats Megyn & Doug! Wish you all the best with your upcoming bundle of joy!
    Great news for Megyn and Doug, congratulations! Megyn and Bill Hemmer are the best in TV.
    I look forward to watching them every AM. Megyn, I couldn’t be happier for you.
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    I love your show and enjoy your appearances on other FOX programs.
    You’re about the same age as my own daughter who gave me two wonderful grandboys (now teens). If you need a great babysitting grandma as a nanny, just give me a call!
    I love those babies. I am grandma to all the little ones in my neghborhood – and I’m just 59. Congrats, girlfriend – hope it all goes well.