Description: This is one really good maze game. There will be four levels in this. Take your time and try out all four of them.

exorcist maze game prank


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Also, be sure to turn up your volume. Hint: Try to reach the goal without touching the walls by using only your mouse. Turn up your sound volume. This is the scary maze prank game version 1! Found at www. winterrowd. com The Exorcist Scary Maze Game Draw a pig in the dashboard inside the frame and the result ... How to Put the "Exorcist Maze" Game on Your Facebook | Start with five cards from a deck of hand, summon monsters c... The Exorcist Scary Maze Game This one is NOT similar to the scary maze prank but it works... Scary Videos, Pranks, and Games Help Jack to avoid all obstacles by making big and small jum... The Exorcist Scary Maze Game Cool avoid game where you use the mouse and avoid incoming d...

The Exorcist Scary Maze Game Escape the jail by launching your prisoner with catapult hig... What? That is the most un-scariest game ever I think you should make the same game but with a picture of Julia Gillards face.. Aussie PM ?? Just me i don't know! But i think that would scare the crap out of anyone = ) How did they make that scream? It is so scary! i know a way u can go through the maze really fast. all u have to do is left click and hold it.

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    after that just go to the red spot and let go of it. O_o: I got so scare!!
    -_-:Not scarey at all. tricky! it said four levels, and then on the third one i lost and then it pops up and scared the fucking shit out of me!!
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    i screamed and then i just started laughing my face off:) that was insane i cried LOL!!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha WTF!!!
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    Whoa So ScaRy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ ^_^ haha the first time i did this i was scared but now it does not scare me at all!!!
    i want to kill the exorcist girl now. This game was created by me and this website has NOT asked for my permission to use it. the contact us form is disabled.
    Contact me ASAP. www. winterrowd. com -jeremy winterrowd ya so like me and my cuz. did this kinda a long time ago and we did it 2 times but on dif.
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    days and yeah, its definetly scary i wont't lie. ne 1 who is scared of this kinda stuff do NOT play it otherwise if u do then turn down ur volume cuz its really loud and scary cuz the 2nd time me and my cuz.
    did it we 4got 2 turn the volme down and we got really scared!!!!!!!!! bty, if u wanna know wut face pops up its..........
    the excorsist girl! :) OMG! This was sooo scary I jumped so high and screamed so loud....!!! who ever has myspace add me fvaladez80@yahoo.

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    com ADD ME NOW!!! omfg i played this a long time ago and it scared the crap outtta me.
    i had nightmares for a week. I only play the first 2 levels. all you have to do is right click on your dot, and while the the sub-menu is up, you click in the red space.
    It will take you right to the next level. It's EASY!!! this scared the shit out of me!!!!
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    hmm, not bad game, but only four levels. i still cant get past get to the end of it.
    im gonna stop plaing it now. and how could this game scare someone, you just have to not hit the sides. oh i got it!
    :) and it got the shit out of me ahhh yyyyy theee hell i cant play thiss gamee?? i press playy and it starts but comes again the Play button!!