WHY EVERY ARTIST SHOULD BLOG What is a Blog? Blog is short for Web Log. People also ask me what is the difference between a blog and a website.

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A blog is an interactive networking tool that is so valuable to artists it's amazing. A blog includes comentary, descriptions, feedback, links, events, your profile, graphics and the latest is slide shows and videos. Many blogs are commentary or news on a subject but they can also function as "personal diaries" which is the format I recommend for artists. Did you ever wonder what Dali was thinking. I mean what the heck was going on in that crazy mind of his. Imagine Dali today. He'd totally rule the web right? He'd probably blog and have thousands upon thousands of readers - even before he became "Dali" people would read it just because he was one of the founders of one of THE most fascinating movements in art.

What would his blog look like? I mean suppose Dali had a personal diary. (He probably did) and suppose that diary was online. Wow! A blog is a way for you, the artist, to tell the world what's going on in your mind when you make art, in your life, whatever This is an exerpt from an article by Melissa Wolfe who runs the Brisbane Artist Development Co-operative Serrano flag work Her Arrival is the winner of the 2008 and has been acquired for the collection of the Brisbane Artist Development Co-operative: Great opening night for ....

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    The exhibition coninues until 6 July 2008. More successes for BAD members.
    Liz Duguid has just won the Capricorn Rotary Award $10,000 Acquisitive Prize. See Liz's work on her naughtyfaircafe's blog - Chictopia. We had to new members at last weeks meeting.
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    Candy and Clare. Once again there were lots of successes to report. Liz, Sharon and Susan are finalists in the Pine Rivers Annual Art Award and Delma, Uta and Susan have all had work accepted for the Churchie National Emerging Artists Exhibition.
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    Anita and Delma told us about their weekend at Art Melbourne and Chrysanthe had lots of information from a weekend in Sydney.
    She told us about Brisbane Artist Development Co-operative: What's On At GoMA ... a publication and website which lists Sydney Galleries by type e. g. commercial, artist run etc. Other useful resources include Brisbane Artist Development Co-operative: What's On At GoMA ... an online printing service which prints small inexpensive runs of postcards, business cards etc and delivers them to your door in 9 days.
    We finally agreed to each contribute 50 cents to cover cost of milk etc at meetings. The July meeting will look at the issue of pricing work. We agreed to bring along details of the pricing of our works and to discuss how we arrived at prices and what issues are involved.
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    It may be an opportunity for those of us who are still unsure to get some honest feedback about how we should price our work.
    We discussed the ideas of visiting one another's studios and decided that it would be preferable to keep open studios separate from meeting dates.
    So if you want to host an open studio chose your time and invite us all along. It gives you the chance to add another show to your portfolio.

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      Brisbane Artist Development Co-operative: Great opening night for ... Six Degrees of Separation. (detail) 2008.
    Recycled parquetry and cuisenaire rods on masonite. Lyndal's solo exhibition, Six Degrees of Separation, opens at Redland Art Gallery at 11am Sunday 25 May 2008 and continues until Sunday 6 July 2008.
    A Time of Transition, a joint exhibition with 9 other artists opens at the Gold Coast City Gallery at 6pm Friday 16 May 2008 and continues until Sunday 16 July 2008.
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      The settings for the blog have now been altered so you can post comments without logging on so go to it have your say !
    Deb Piesley and Uta Heidelauf both had solo exhibitions opening at Doggett Street Studios last Friday. Both showed strongly developed bodies of work and for me it was a delight to see the work hanging on a gallery wall.
    Hopefully we will hear lots about the experience of showing from Deb, Uta and Anita and Nicola who showed recently at Art Melbourne.