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How to Clean a Dooney & Bourke IT Bag? Dooney and Bourke products first entered the market in 1975 in South Norwalk, Conn. , but no handbags were involved. Instead, the first two products were belts and suspenders. It wasn't until 1981 that famous makers Peter Dooney and Frederic Bourke started selling handbags. The Grafica collection is one of the current lines of handbags Dooney and Burke sells, which contains various styles of IT bags that have a polyvinyl-coated cotton fabric finish designed to repel water and soil. To keep your IT bag looking like new, you can periodically clean it with common household items.

My Fashion Sweethouse! » handbags Fill a small container with water, and add three or four drops of mild liquid soap. Agitate the water with your fingers to create bubbles. Wipe the fabric areas of the IT bag in circular motions with the damp cloth. Wet an unused portion of the cloth with water, squeeze gently, and wipe the cleaned areas to remove any soap residue. Allow the bag to dry thoroughly before storing. Sodium-free seltzer water and a soft toothbrush can be used to clean the bag instead of soapy water and a soft cloth.

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    The leather trim of the bag will turn darker, over time, as a result of exposure to light, according to www.
    Dooney. com. Dooney. com does not recommend you use any type of cream, polish or leather conditioner on the leather trim of the Dooney & Burke IT bag.
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    How Do I Clean My Dooney & Bourke Madras Purse? Peer inside the bag for more tip-offs of fraud. You'll know it's a fake if you don't see a leather duck logo...
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    Dooney and Bourke bags are made from very high quality materials and therefore need to be treated with care when they are...
    Dooney & Bourke handbags have become a fashion and style phenomenon and are priced at a medium price point for the budget-conscious... Dooney & Bourke handbags are among the more moderately priced designer handbags, but there are still fakes out there being sold for...
    You too can make these simple balloon forms. Learn about Easy Steps for Balloon Animals in this free childrens party entertainment video... Dooney & Bourke purses are high-quality bags made to resist most stains, but what should you do when your lipstick comes uncapped...
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    Differences Between Real & Fake Dooney & Bourke Bags.
    Dooney & Bourke Co. produces a line of apparel, luggage, handbags and accessories.... The original seat belt purse, fashioned from actual seatbelt material, is the brainchild of Dana and Melanie Harvey who now own Harveys,...
    Dooney & Bourke makes a wide variety of purses, clothing and accessories. The purses that Dooney & Bourke produce are made from...

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    Dooney & Bourke handbags are designed to last for years, but that can change if they are not given proper care.
    Since... Dooney and Burke carries a popular line of high-quality handbags.
    The handbags are typically made of a leather, heavy canvas or similar...
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    Dooney & Bourke is a United States manufacturer of a wide range of fashion clothing and accessories for women and men.
    Besides... A popular maker of designer purses, Dooney & Bourke offers accessories ranging from conservative black to colorfully patterned.
    Its leather purses need... Sometimes, ink gets on the front of photographs. Usually, this happens because photographs are placed in a stack where the ink written...