The requirements listed below are taken from the Cub Scout Academics and Sports Program Guide (34299 - 2009 Printing).

cub scout belt loops


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Requirements were revised since the previous edition - (34299B - 2006 Revision). Cub Scouts® Belt Loop Display Webelos Scouts that earn the Roller Skating Belt Loop while a Webelos Scout also satisfy part of requirement 3 for the Cub Scouts Academics and Sports Program - Boy Scouts of America Activity Badge. Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts may complete requirements in a family, den, pack, school, or community environment. Tiger Cubs must work with their parents or adult partners. Parents and partners do not earn loops or pins. Explain ways to protect yourself while roller skating or in-line skating, and the need for proper safety equipment.

Spend at least 30 minutes practicing the skills of roller skating or in-line skating. Go skating with a family member or den for at least three hours. Chart your time. Participate in a pack or community skating event. Demonstrate how to disassemble and reassemble skates. Explain the proper clothing for roller or in-line skating. Spend at least 15 minutes, on two occasions, practicing warm up exercises before skating.

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