In 1979, missionary C. H. Kang and medical pathologist Ethel R. Nelson published The Discovery of Genesis, a book proposing the theory that the Biblical book of Genesis is encoded in the Chinese language.

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The theory lacks rigorous evidence, but it's interesting. Coincidence or truth? Disclaimer: I'm not really religious, and I'm not trying to convert anyone with this material. This is just of etymological interest to me. On the sixth day of creation, after creating the heavens and earth, God created the first man. God gathered dust and shaped it in his own image, to form the body of a man. God then breathed into the man's nostril to bring the dust to life, infusing it with spirit. One of God's creations was a talking and walking entity, a human being.

The first man was created from dust; the dust made alive. (How the single stroke represents "alive" escapes me. ) Adam and Eve, the first man and woman, live peacefully with God in the Garden of Eden, a natural paradise. Adam and Eve are allowed to eat from all trees in the garden except for two forbidden trees: the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Knowledge. Satan (the devil), disguised as a serpent, tempts Eve to eat from the forbidden Tree of Knowledge.

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    Eve succumbs, and then she tempts Adam to eat from the same tree.
    Adam and Eve then become aware of their nakedness and feel ashamed. They hide in the trees and cover their private areas with the leaves of a fig tree.
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    God eventually discovers their sin and banishes the two from Eden. As added punishments, the earth would no longer bear nourishment for humans without being toiled over (by males), and females would no longer give birth without pain.
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    God had forbid Adam and Eve from eating from two particular trees.
    Eve, the female counterpart of Adam, had the sinful desire to eat from the forbidden trees. Eve secretly eats from the Tree of Knowledge with her mouth.
    This first sin marks the beginning of humankind's descent from the heavenly realm. The devil secretly goes to the Garden of Eden. Although he comes in the form of a snake, he speaks as a man.
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    Embrace the devil with two trees and a cover, and you get a tempter.
    The devil tempts the humans to eat from the two trees, and the devil comes undercover, camouflaged as a snake.
    After eating from the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Even become aware of their nakedness and hide in the trees.

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    "Body is tree" characterizes this intent of camouflaging into the background.
    All three of these characters mean "naked", and share the character for fruit as a component.
    If you were to design a language, why would you use the word for fruit to make the word "naked"?
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    Genesis provides a contextual explanation for this choice.
    Adam and Eve hide their private areas with the leaves of a fruit tree; specifically, a fig tree. Note: I thought this was a good argument for Kang's theory.
    Some time after the descent of Adam and Eve from heaven, humans become extremely sinful, and God is greatly angered.