The new DBB will be here before you know it. Completing this eccentric-hued Donk required the perfect marriage of visionaries and creators.

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Lightin’ them up on a ’73 Caprice. Tell us what you want. This Donk comes from rural country, but it ain’t a rube. This Donk may be green, but it ain’t wet behind the ears. The Donk game played good as good. This Donk is so fresh, building it involved crossing state lines. This cousin-of-Donk proves that exclusivity might be the way to roll. Copyright © 2012, Harris Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Produced by - Custom Car Forum of pimped-out and tricked-out ..., a Chevy Donks, Boxes and Bubbles - Spinner Rims. HipHopCars. com - Custom Car Forum of pimped-out and tricked-out rides. Post and promote Events and anything automobile Related.

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