Enter one value and click on the other box. To convert Celsius temperatures into Fahrenheit: >> Multiplying the Celsius temperature by 9.

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>> Divide the answer by 5. >> Now add 32. Here's an example: Change 20 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit: 20 times 9 is 180. Then 180 divided by 5 is 36. Finally, 36 plus 32 is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Related Calculator: Celsius Fahrenheit farenheit temperature conversion Kelvin Reaumur Just copy and paste the below code to your webpage where you want to display this calculator. Formula: Tf = ( (Tc * 9) / 5 ) + 32; Where, Tc = temperature in degrees Celsius, Tf = temperature in degrees Fahrenheit This tool will dynamically help you to convert Celsius temperature to farenheit. Conversion of Celcius To Fahrenheit is made easier.

FREE Online Mathematics tools (convertor or calculater) are intended to make the calculation and conversion of math or logical or arithmetic problems and give simple solutions. These mathematics tools will also help you in learning and creating math problems. These are free tools, tutorials and are copyright materials. If you find any error or issue in calculating maths or converting things, please get in touch with us @ AnnaHappy Celsius/Farenheit Metric Conversion Charts Convert and Calculate - Maths Calculation and Conversion - An easy learning curve.

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    E. L. Lady: Celsius to Farenheit Conversion For practical purposes, in order to quickly convert from one measurement system to another, most people need to memorize a set of reference values.
    Here is a table of corresponding temperatures in Celsius and Farenheit. These values should be adequate for American travelers traveling abroad.
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    To remember the table, one starts with the well known fact that 32 degrees Farenheit is freezing temperature for water, which is also 0 degrees Celsius.
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    Now note the following: corresponds to a 9 degree increase in Farenheit.
    From this one can easily construct the rest of the table. It is also worthwhile to notice that the sum of the two digits for the Farenheit temperatures in the table is always 5 or 14.
    and adjust the units digit so that the sum of the digits is 14,  or 5 for three digit numbers. (15 degrees celsius corresponds to 59 Farenheit, not 50.
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    ) It is worth knowing that 60 degrees Celsius corresponds to 140 degrees Farenheit.
    This is the maximum temperature most people would want to use for dishwaters or washing machines.
    If one is unfortunate enough to have to deal with temperatures below freezing, here is a table. Note that in this table, the digits of negative Farenheit temperatures in the table add up to 4 or 13.

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    For conversions from kilometers to miles, it suffices to remember that 100 kilometers per hour is approximately 60 miles per hour.
    Thus 10 kilometers is approximately 6 miles and 20 kilometers, for instance, is approximately 12 miles.
    If you step on a scale in Euope, the important thing to remember is that 5 kilgrams equals roughly 11 pounds.
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    Thus 50 kilgrams is 110 pounds and 100 kilograms is 220 pounds.
    So 105 kilos would be 231 pounds. To convert a two-digit number ending in 5 from kilos to pounds, double the tens digit, then multiply by 11.
    If then original number ends in 0, then this is the answer. But if the original number ends in 5, add 11 once more.