Why Don't You Have A Cell Phone Stun Gun? As the economic situation worsens, crime is becoming more of a concern.

cell phone stun gun


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Our cities and towns have with more, muggings, rapes, and home invasions. It makes a lot of sense to have a weapon to protect and defend yourself. Some have chosen a knife, a whistle, or a crow bar in the trunk of their car, whatever the choice, the main objective is for them to have some means of self defense, rather than ever be another victim.   The number one reason someone does not have a self defense weapon is "they do not want to hurt anyone".   Not to worry the jolt will send them to the ground for a few minutes without permanent damage.

Some of the selections are somewhat barbaric and these days there are many great alternatives to protect yourself. One of the most effective self defense products is the one that looks like a cell phone stun gun. Our cell phone stun guns self defense products have a built in recharging system, the phone stun gun is ideal for an adult who feels comfortable owning and carrying the cellphone stun gun for self defense.

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