A cat show is composed of a number of separate, concurrently running, individual shows held in the various judging rings throughout a show hall.

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Each show is presided over by a different Welcome to TICA - The International Cat Association, TICA cats ... who presents his or her own awards independent of the decisions of other judges. Hence, a cat which is chosen Best in Show by the judge in Ring 1, may not always be given the same award by the judge in Ring 2. Every cat entered in the show is evaluated by each judge, and judged according to a written standard for its breed (with the exception of the The Cat Fanciers' Association New Bee Program, for which there is no written standard). The standard is part blueprint because it describes the ideal specimen for the breed, and part constitution because it can be revised by the members of the Cat Fanciers' Association - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A breed standard is precise enough to allow judges to evaluate cats accurately, and flexible enough to leave room for differences in interpretation between judges of keen eye and good intention. Individual shows can be classified as either allbreed or specialty. In an allbreed show all cats, regardless of coat length or type, compete for various awards. In a specialty show only those cats of similar coat length (or type) compete for awards.

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